Saturday, 17 July 2010

Hot LeadTomorrow

So it's up at half -past stupid o'clock tomorrow for the trip down to Gripping Beast Towers for Hot Lead. Hurrah!
I'm particularly pleased with myself as for the first time ever I'll be attending a WAB event (tournament is too strong a word for the gaming things I go to) with a fully painted army of my very own. Not that I've ever used unpainted models, a gentleman would never stoop so low, but I have had to borrow, proxy or use models without their shields or flags being finished to my satisfaction. But not this time. 1500 points of Almoravids what are all my own work.
I even finished them (late) last night so I've had the luxury of no frantic last-minute flocking this evening. I have to say I've quite enjoyed it.
Anyway I had time for a quick snap of one finished unit of Berber Spearmen (complete with new flag) before the camera packed up. Hopefully some pics from the event in the next post.

24 of Allah's finest, ready for whatever Evesham can throw at them!

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