Thursday 30 November 2023

Warhammer Triumph and Treachery: Lizardmen, Daemons and Goblins

After a good nights kip and fortified with pork filled cobs we were joined by Kenton for some three player T&T.

Kenton had his Lizards, so I got out the jungle terrain and thought my Daemons would be a good match. Stephen bought all Goblins. We had allies too, Nurgle Daemons with the Goblins (green, see) Vampires with the Lizards and I took some Orcs.

The Dark Prince's minions assemble

Implacable reptilian defenders of the jungle

The Steeds went Skink hunting

While Shelob's mum looked on.

The rare Forest Goblin wolf riders...

The true power behind the goblin throne?

The reptiles wait. Implacably.

The girls go in.

One opponent had a giant spider, another a Stegadon. No-one fighting fair.

The reptiles rumbled forward.

Still the spider didn't move.

 The Orcs stood taunting.

Slaanesh's ladies investigated the Skink hovel, but found nothing.

The Stegadon changed tack.

The goblins wisely ran from the Lizardmen.

Still nothing found in the building.

At last Doris the Spider came out to play.

Which felt like bad news for the Daemonettes.

Papa Nurgle's lads shambled forward too.

The 'netes had finally entered the building.

At last, the cinematic moment we'd been waiting for!

Giant Arachnid v. Big Dinosaur!

Meanwhile Nurgles boys were dealing with the Orcs.

But Keith von Carstein was unable to get in to the building and finish off the Daemons.

As the dust settled the goblins had claimed the field. I think. Ale had been taken, so my memory is a little unclear. I think I came third. Hurrah for Warhammer!

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  1. Goblins I like deacons not so much… avery nasty army 🤔