Sunday 19 November 2023

Lord of The Rings three player game

 Another three way fight with my chum and his son. I took the Khand forces again against Orcs and the men of Minas Tirith, Each force had to try and get as many of their models off a distabt board egde - which inevitably meant a big pile up fight in the middle!

Poor quality phone pictures I'm afraid...

I sent my cavalry off round a flank to do harassing cavalry stuff.

I took Khamul to lead the force, but he just seems really expensive and doesn't do much. Maybe I should actually read the rules or something...

Soon the Orcs and men were duking it out.

I stood back and peppered them with arrows

However when the time came Khandish axes proved surprisingly effective against Minas Tirith armour.

In the end I squeaked a win by dint of getting one more model off the board!

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