Tuesday 28 November 2023

Warhammer - Orc (un)civil War

Stephen decided he needed a break from the 1950s and so left the Isle of Manly Men and came northwards for a weekend of beer and Warhammer.

First up some hardcore Orc on Orc action. No Gobboes, just Orcs (and maybe a few trolls and giants). Stephen even tried to suggest that Black Orcs were not real Orcs so I shouldn't take them. But I did anyway.

2400 points of a straight stand up fight.

Waaagh Gruzzkupp - da good guys.

Still no crew for the yellow chariot...maybe next year...

Da field of Waaagh!

Ready to ruck and roll.

Waaagh Ginganutz - boooooo!

Oh, they have Azhag with them... we're using special characters, now are we..?

Time to get it on!

Azhag was soon up and at the chariots

Meanwhile the Crewless Wonder got into a shunt with a rival chariot

The Ginganutz giant was chewing on the boarboys

Savage Orc Big 'Uns - just what Black Orcs fancy facing...

Azhag still chewin' on chariot

The Ginganutz left rather collapsed as the Gruzzkupp giant (assisted by trolls) saw off his rival and chased off the boarboys. Meanwhile the Trolls munched the Savage Orc Boarboys.

The two rival big units of trolls clashed

As the Savages surged at the Black Orcs.

See, no right flank enemies.

The Savages crashed home

With inevitable results

The River Trolls made hard going of dealing with their regular brethren.

With the battle seemingly swinging toward the Gruzzkupp forces Azhag decided to even things up

With a cowardly flank attack, booo!

That resulted in the demise of Gruzzkupp and his ladz.

Then he decided to pick on the board 'n' sword boys.

The big meanie

Even the Ginganutz Arrer boys got stuck in.

In a last desperate attempt to claw things back the Trolls finally passed a Stupidity test and charged the BSB

But sadly they survived and the trolls were driven off

Victory to the southern invaders, but as always Warhammer was the real winner.