Saturday, 11 June 2016

Sudanese sidetrack (6)

Another six men of the 3rd Foot and Mouth arrive to face the Mahdist forces

Lovely Perry Miniatures Sudan Highlanders. The Tartan's a bit of a faff, but also a bit of a cheat, so I'm happy with it. Painted to match the previous batch.

I did try and take a picture with the finished unit of 12, but I can't find my wide gradiated background and the blue cloth one that comes with the lightbox plays havoc with my white balance.

Anyway, stout British infanrty need someone to fight, so here's three more Dervish/Fuzzy Wuzzy/Hadendowa

So now I need to clean up six more metal British and glue together another 8 Fuzzys.


  1. Looking good especially like the highlanders😀

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks mate.
      I've been using a variation of the Scrivs Patented Quick Painting Method(tm)
      Basecoats, then an all over light brown wash.
      I use CDA though, not Vallejo Sepia.
      And I don't go back and do much hghlighting afterwards (for I am very lazy).
      Hope the US of stateside is treating you well.