Saturday, 11 June 2016

Sudanese sidetrack (5)

A few more Sudanese tribesmen

Should be some more British to follow in the next few days.
And there's three more Fuzzys on the paint table too.

I did an audit and I reckon I need a half dozen more riflemen and a similar number each of Sudanese and Fuzzy tribesmen to have a starting force for TMWWBK.
3 units of 16 Fuzzy Wuzzy tribal troops, one unit of 16 Sudanese tribesmen and a unit of 12 Rifles (which count as irregular as I understand it).
Normally that would be just 16 points (3 each for the tribals and 4 for the irregulars) according to Dan Mersey's blog but I'm expecting it'll be possible to upgrade the Fuzzy Wuzzy units with "aggressive" or similar to get them into combat quicker and make them more effective in HtH.

The next batch of British gives me a single finished unit of them for the Sudan, so I need to crack on with them really to ensure I've got both sides ready for TMWWBK coming out in August.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray, they're just quick and dirty basecoat and an all over wash, but it's quick and pretty effective.


  2. They look spot on to me, cracking job.