Sunday, 26 June 2016

40K with the Gaming Heir

A wet and windy Saturday with the current Mrs ToySoldiers away in Spain (will she be allowed back?) and Son and Heir out watching movies with an assortment of lady friends meant the smallest boy and I had a window of gaming opportunity.

I suggested Frostgrave or OGAM but they fell on deaf ears - he wanted to play 40K.
Mostly he wanted to use his all new Twin Linked Lascannon wielding Centurion Devastators of Doooom on me.

So we set up on the diagonal setting, placed three objectives and away we went.

I won't bother with a breakdown of the tactics and nuances of the gameplay because this is 40K we're talking about, the game for children, deviants and accountants so there aren't any of those things. Just pile your models up and whoever has the best special rules is the winnah! Yay!

But here's the pictures:

 Da Boyz arrive

 Terminators and their ride

 Orks in da house!

 Insert music from Apocalypse Now* here

 Brum, brum, dakka,dakka!

 Steady lads, steady....

 The grim work begins

The game ended, unsurprisingly in a victory for the Imperium of Man.

It really is a very unsatisfactory game 40k. The models look good, and I like the background, but you end up just shoveling loads of models into a clump, rolling lots of dice and then taking most of the models off.
That or you shoot something from miles away and take it off.
God only knows what it's like if you have some of those big robot things all the cool kids have these days.

*Yes, yes, I know it's actually from Wagner but you recognised the cultural reference point, didn't you Mr High-brow

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