Thursday, 23 May 2019

Of Gods and Mortals at Partizan (Pt3 - Greeks)

As well as all the Celtic goodies we also took along James' smaller portable table and our Greek forces.
The idea was to run smaller quick participation games on here while playing larger, longer games on the big Celtic table.
As it happens volume of punters plus shortage of helpers (Matt unfortunately was poorly on the day - get well soon mate) meant we didn't get much gaming of any sort in.

I made slightly more of a contribution to this set up - bringing all my Greeks along to provide two full forces.

 Chum Martin giving the rules his first ever try out

All in all a very splendid day out.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Of Gods and Mortals at Partizan (Pt2)

Some more pictures from my day out with James at Partizan

The figures are an eclectic mix.
Some of the newly re-released Northstar (ex Fantasy Forge) Celts
Quite a lot of the Alternative Armies Erin range
Gripping Beast Dark Age Irish
A few Foundry
Trent Miniatures Godiva
Warlord plastic Celts
and even some of the risible Wargames Factory Celts

Monday, 20 May 2019

Of Gods and Mortals at Partizan (Pt1)

James very kindly invited me to help him out at Partizan with his Of Gods and Mortals Celt game.
This set up was originally intended for Hammerhead but family issues meant we cancelled at the last minute, so it was great to get the chance to show it off at Partizan a couple of months later.

The main set up was James' huge fleece mat expertly modelled to look like the green and flowing hills of Bronze/Iron age Ireland a home to Celtic Irish myth (with a little Slaine thrown in to the mix).

We set up several warbands suitable for OGAM various Celt, Fir Bolg, Fomorian and Tuatha De Danann types with the Dagda, Morrigan, Balor, Epona, Cuchulainn and others besides in attendance.

We chatted to loads of people, played a few games and generally had a splendid time.

Here's some pictures

 The table set up


 The Dagda with his pot

 Slaine looking on

 The Morrigan, chillin'

 Nasty Fomorians

 The Fir Bolg claim the sacred grove

A bear. In the woods. I wonder what he's doing?

Friday, 17 May 2019

Who ya gonna call...Tankbustas!

Struggling to deal with the Gaming Heir's Land raider Crusader I decided I needed some Ork Tankbustas.
Cheaper than buying an entire box from GW was to buy some resin backpacks from Kromlech and stick them on spare Orky bodies.

Add a few grenades and bombs and we're good to go.

Of course the GH has now given up playing toy soldiers with his dad.
But they'll be waiting for his return...