Sunday, 21 July 2019

Warhammer 8th edition Orcs v Chaos and Dark Elves

After an unseemly gaming drought (last game was on 23/06 - that's four weeks ago!) Steve and i managed to find time for a game of Proper Warhammer.
The scenario would be another from Neil Thomas' book One Hour Wargames.
We went for 2400 point armies as the scenario required one side splitting off a third, so that made more sense than 2500.
Steve was the defender and so deployed his 800 points of Dark Elves on top of the hill objective. I lined up my Orcs and Goblins for the attack, whilst Steve's Slaanesh warriors prepared to come to the rescue.

The Dark Elves were from colder climes and had bought their frosty bases with them.

The gobbos prepared to advance on the hill

Under the watchful eye of their bigger brethren.

What's that marching (lasciviously) to the rescue?

Camp cavalry

The Corsairs strayed down the slope, caught two fanatics in the face and died utterly.

The chariot killed the solo hero on Giant Squig, but his smaller mates had their revenge.

Eventually the Witch Elves grew tired of the taunting and charged into the Night Goblins.

The Knights camply cantered forward.

And took Big Un in the face!!!

Meanwhile the Chaos Ogres (on loan because Steve forgot his trolls) thundered in to the freshly painted Black Orcs. And we all know how this works for newly painted models, don't we?

The squigs eventually arrived to put paid to the Witch Elves, but not before they'd mostly killed all the Night Goblins.

Meanwhile the Big Uns rampaged through the knights, followed by the warriors (forgot to take pics) and ultimately the marauders. This was very successful but did leave them rather a long way from the hill..

Fortunately the squigs were still around.

Sadly, so too was general Boobworm...

Who proceeded to rout the Orcs, panic the squigs and claim the hill for Slaanesh!

Curse you General Boobworm.

This was a good fun game. Always nice to get bigger armies out. the scenario looked a bit one sided at various points but gave a good game.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Black Orcs

A unit of Back Orcs.
These models simply will not rank up on 25mm bases .
So I've spread them out a bit and the ten models now have a footprint of 14 models. Which is something of a win.
Unfortunately their shiny black armour means the pictures aren't great.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Even more Northstar Celts

Boss man and a couple of spear dudes (again only low quality phone pics).

This means I've finished all the ones I got in the initial deal set.

Fortunately I've bought some more.

Might be time to do a group shot though (and possibly paint up their shields).

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Giant Haystacks

Another resin piece I nabbed at a previous Partizan.

More character for the tabletop.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Well, well

I picked these two little resin pieces up at Partizan last year. Or possibly the year before.
Quick and dirty painting they'll add character to a tabletop.

One for Sudan/NWF/Peninsular/Greece

And this one, which is actually more of a water trough than a well, for Western Europe.

Surprisingly tricky to get a decent picture of this one, so I sort of gave up.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Northstar Celts

Four more of the splendid Slaine inspired Celts from Northstar.

I really like these models.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Gripping Beast plastic Vikings

Finally added some shields and bases to these (and painted a few more while I was at it) to start off the mortal element of my Viking Of Gods and Mortals factions.

The longer I own these models the less I like them.
Also the shield transfers were a bind and all needed quite heavy over-painting
But they're "done" now.
Apart from the fact that I need to paint another one to get two units of 8.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Skeletons for Of Gods and Mortals (2)

Thanks to the generosity of General Ballroom (Victrix shields) and chum Martin (LBMS transfers) I've made the skeletons look properly ready to enter the service of Hades.

Thanks very much chaps.