Saturday, 7 July 2018

Ogres versus Nurgle Warhammer 8th Edition

Steve and I played this ten days or so ago.
Since which time I have had several sleeps, been to Wales twice, drunk beer and watched some football.
All of which means this may not have my usual level of high quality tactical insight and witty commentary. Stop sniggering at the back.

I went with a tide of grey flesh.

Steve started by whizzing his dogs sideways across the table

In front of the rest of his horrid green and yellow line.

Obviously he'd bought along the Muti...Muto...Muty...Big Chaos Gribbly Thing.

So the lads charged it. In the face.

Charges were a pretty big theme of the whole thing, really.

The Ironguts had a burny hot banner. The Trolls enjoyed that very much.

Unfortunately daemons were also involved.

And warriors crashing in to the side of the lads like that is always going to end badly.

Will. You. Just. Go. Unstable!

The Warriors soon found some more big grey guys to beat up on.

Haha! A Gorger. weren't expecting that, were you?

Finally the Chaos Big Guy sought out the Tryrant.
And sadly Chaos armour is better than Ogre armour. So the Tyrant bought it. Big style.

This was a bit of a thrashing.
The Chaos Nurgle boys are a tough nut to crack for most armies and particularly an Ogre army built on Bulls, rather than one full of Mournfangs and big beasties.

Good fun though..

Monday, 2 July 2018

Wargames table

Over the weekend I built a wargames table for myself.

8x4 of goblin green loveliness.
I originally intended to but a new MDF tabletop but confronted with the logistics of getting such a a sheet home (and British DIY stores no longer seem prepared to cut them for you) I decided to use the venerable chipboard errr...boards that I've had for the last fifteen years or so. They'll generally be covered by a cloth of some sort so as long as they're flat all is well.
At some point I'm going to make an optional extension board to take it out to a mighty ten foot long!

Here's some WiP (well, actually, PNF - Pretty Nearly Finished) shots.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Warhammer Quest Plastic Halfling

The last (for now) of my one-piece plastic painting splurge is the halfling. Lovely characterful liottle model.

And here's a group shot. Ready for some classic dungeon bashing. Just need a Wizard...

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Warhammer Quest Plastic Dwarf

Another of the simple one piece plastics from the Warhammer Quest game (though this one actually came from a toy box repackaging rather than the game itself).

Not sure why his cloak is shiny, it isn't in real life.
Mainly beard this model, bit boring to paint if I'm honest.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Warhammer Quest Plastic Elf

I have a couple of the small toy boxes of plastic models that were mostly for the Warhammer Quest game.
I quite like them, they're chunky and unfussy and paint up quite well.

Did this one as an classic Elf Ranger type.
Classic Goblin Green base edges, obviously.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Warlord Games' Plastic French Lancers

These are for Black Powder, Sharp Practice or Song of Drums and Shakos. Need to add the leader and trumpeter to make them eight strong.

They were given to me for my birthday a year ago, which is nice. They went together very easily - the horses in particular whilst less dynamic than Perry ones went together with far less filling and filing than the plastic Perry horses need.

There's only two bodies and two lance arms, and one of the lances is carried across the body. I wanted them all erect, so had to do a little chopping of one of the sword arms. I suppose I could have just used the sword arms, but these are lancers, the clue's in the name.
Painting was pretty easy, though obviously a bit of a faff because Napoleonics.

Pretty nice kit and if I get a single sprue I should be able to make 2 units of eight, which is about two more units than I really need, but what the heck.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

40K again

Once more the Gaming Heir and I got the 40K toys out.
Can you guess what the result was?

The Nobs and warboss were shot to pieces by the Primaris marines with the dandy Plasma Rifle thingies.

Cover is, to all intents and purposes useless in 40K.
A +1 save you say? Why thank you?
What's the save modifier on that weapon?
I'll just put all these back in the box then, shall I?

At least this time the ladz and the Dredd got into combat and killed a dreadnought.