Monday, 11 November 2019

Warhammer Triumph and Treachery

It was Stephen's birthday. So we celebrated like manly men by playing soldiers and drinking beer!
We had roped Spandex in (he's moved down to Surrey, so has gone all Brexity and pronounces castle with an R) and Kenton. From Lenton.
1200 points with 300 points of allies seems to be about the sweet spot for an entire day's worth of drinking gaming.
I took Empire with Kislev allies.

Spandex had Empire with Ogre allies.

Kenton had filthy Wood Elves with some Bretonnian knghts

And Birthday boy took Dwarfs with Empire allies.

I won't try and explain what happened in too much detail. Mainly because I can't remember too much detail. Suffice to say much banterous bargaining, influencing, threatening and alliance forging went on. And drinking.

The wood elves, whilst claiming wholeheartedly to be my reliable and trustworthy friends began by marching not one, but two treemen towards my forces.

My pistoliers galloped out to "scout" out the Empire of Spandex.

Who pointed all his guns at the Dwarfish hosts.

More elves and Bretonnians made their way toward my peaceful men.

Spandex fired on the Dwarfs, drawing wrathful response.

I think this image is just in slightly better focus.

The Dwarfs did their work, but a fortuitous ward save kept the Empire General on Death Chicken alive.

Bretonnians, just ambling peacefully and with no malice toward my forces.

And some stag dudes too.

Hold steady men, they claim to come in peace.

See. they Brets are off for a look at the other fight.

The Death Chicken got involved.

Some of the Wood Elves were as ancient as the very Oaks themselves.

At this point we went for  more beer lunch and when we came back my camera started taking weird pictures and for some reason my faculties were slightly impaired and I couldn't work out how to fix it. hence the drop in image quality.

Suddenly I was betrayed. The perfidious Wood Elves attacked my peaceable band!

The Kislevites fled!

The knights decided to sort things out

Same fight, different angle

The death chicken continued to peck the life out of the Imperial allies.

Not one, but two treemen picked on some stout militia fellows.

Same fight, different angle.

The dwarfs began to flatten the Imperial armoury

Followed by taking out the Ogres.

Soon after this - after around eight hours (including a two hour beer lunch break) of fighting, backstabbing, oathbreaking, drinking and swearing the battle drew to a close.

Despite a severe mauling it emerged that the Death Chicken rider was the winner and Spandex had scored a three-peat in games of T&T.

Then we went for a curry (and some Kingfisher)

A great way to spend the day.
Warhammer is still the greatest of all the games.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Kislevember 2019

Of late I have been hanging around on Facebook groups.
In particular, a while ago I joined the Warmaster group.
I love Warmaster - it was for many years my favourite game - it may in fact still be, but as I haven't played for well over ten years now I have no idea.

Anyway I joined the group and have been looking at models and games and musing...
Upshot is I decided to paint some Warmaster figures. Just to see how I go, really - scratch an itch. There's a few tournaments, organised by names I half remember from Warmaster games gone by, so maybe I'll paint some figures, blow some dust off the collection and go along - for old times sake.
Or maybe I'll paint two stands and get distracted and go do something else entirely.

So to give me a focus I'm declaring this month Kislevember. I tried this once before with my 28mm Kislev stash.. It didn't really go to plan.
However, maybe 10mm will be different.

So I dug out the stash.

I have some characters (the Ice Queen and sled - but missing the horse to pull it are in a bag somewhere)

Two War wagons

Two units of archers - the missing models are in the bag with the ice queen)

4 "in Blister" units of horse archers

More horse archers...

Yet another War wagon


And a unit of Winged lancers that I painted many years ago.

Irritatingly I don't appear to have any Axemen.
Also the unit of Horse Archers that I painted alongside the winged lancers has gone missing.

Originally, before I dug the models out of the stash I was intending to paint a 1k Kislev army in Kislevember. But as I don't have a functional army without the axemen I'm not quite sure now what the plan is.
Probably paint the bears. Bears are cool. And a War Wagon.
Then see how I go.

Inevitable I also uncovered a couple of part painted 28mm Kislev models. So I've added them to the task list too.

A boyar

And the Ice Queen who is so *nearly* finished it's a crime to leave her any longer.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Two games of WarCry

Steve is indisposed (actually he's in Crete, but apparently sat by a pool rather than climbing Hill 107, or walking across Tavronitis Bridge like a proper wargamer would) so General B. and I managed to get in two games of WarCry.

I took the Corvids and he had the blokes with the funny plates on their heads.

Game One saw us each having to kill the others hammer.

 Have some beak, frisbee guy!

 Plates and spears


C'mon then platey fella

 After you


 Oh look, it's me dagger!

 The death of my hammer

Round one to the plate heads.
Second battle I had the treasure General B. had to come and claim it.

In the back!

 Leader v. Leader

 Crows in the doorway

Slightly different picture, honest.

Hampered by the set up the plate 'eads struggled to get close to the treasure and were cut down before they could fill their pockets. In the end the field belonged to the Crows.

Two fun little games. Second one felt a bit like General B. was undone by the random set up and scenario rather than my top wargaming skillz. 
But WarCry is a fun way to pass the time.