Thursday, 23 January 2020

Tom Bombadil and Goldberry

More Games Workshop metal Lord of the Rings miniatures. these were among the first of the non film models that GW made if I remember correctly.
They're very nice models and painted up well.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Fellowship of the Ring

Continuing to post some of my Lord of the Rings collection here's my version of the Fellowship of the Ring.

They're all Games Workshop metal models, but not all from the original Fellowship set. Boromir and Gandalf are from that set I'm pretty certain, Aragorn and Gimli are possibly from one of the Two Towers versions as maybe are Legolas, Pippin and Merry - Sam and Frodo are possibly from the Return of the King set because it looks like Sam has sting in his hand.

Not sure exactly what the difference is between the three pictures, apart from the location of the mysterious ball of purple fluff in the foreground.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Warmaster Kislev Horse Archers

These got mostly painted over Christmas and based a week or so ago.

Very happy with how they turned out.
I'm now going to refresh the unit I painted several years ago when the game first came out so that they match these ones.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Chain of Command - showing Steve the ropes

General Ballroom and I love Chain of Command. We've had lots of fun whipping our CoCs out in the Ilko Gaming Hut when Stephen wasn't looking.
However Steve has always been unimpressed by WW2 gaming.

Anyway, the allure of WarCry having faded thee Sherwood Hucknall and Ilko Team need a new project so we decided to let Steve see what he was missing out on.
General B. set up the table and provided the Krauts, I rocked up with my Yanks.
I reminded myself to go easy on Steve as it was supposed to be a learning experience for him and if i just wiped the floor with him he wouldn't want to play again. Fortunately he's better at games than me, luckier than me and I'd completely forgotten how to pay with Americans.

We played Patrol (I think) and I didn't take many pictures, but here they are

The Americans jumped off into a field covered by bocage.

With another squad hunkering down behind a wall.

The third squad deployed into a building and spent the rest of the game being chewed up by MG42 fire. I had forgotten the "fire and move" thing about Americans and had jumped in to cover straight away.

Fortunately Steve is a naturally aggressive player and charged his Germans forward.

The spearhead group found themselves in a wood - under my mortar. Where the kills and shock steadily piled up.

Meanwhile behind the wall, shock was mounting on the Americans as the tripod mounted "buzz-saw" (guided by the Senior Leader) did it's grizzly work.

See, here they are, feeding endless bullets into it's hungry insides.

Eventually I remembered to move and rapidly redeployed, firing as I went.
I still forgot to use smoke grenades or anything, so the butcher's bill was high but as we weren't plying a campaign we could ignore the brutal death count.

Eventually I forced the Germans to zero morale, though mine was a perilous three by that stage.

All good fun and Steve enjoyed it so much he's ordered some French Foreign Legion as our next stop will be the Western Desert.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

First Age Middle Earth Gaming Day (2)

A busy week means it's taken rather longer than intended to post these pictures. Sorry.

So this is the second game from the First Age Middle Earth day James organised.
This was James' own game. Apparently based on the same battle as in the previous game (though earlier on). We were using James' own rules which were for a larger scale of battle than Graham's rules.
Apparently at the start of the battle Nogbad the Orc baddy grabbed a bunch of elves and cut their throats in front of their forces, attempting to lure the elves and men to battle. One of the unfortunate Elves had a brother called Gwendolyn (odd name for a brother, but still) who duly fell for the provocation and launched his cavalry at Nogbad - which is where the battle begins...

I'm not going to attempt to re-tell either the battle or the game. Mostly because I've had several sleeps since then and can't remember much of anything. Except it was jolly good fun and looked splendid.

The lighting in the room has made my pictures all look a bit yellowy. Please be assured the gaming surface was a pleasing green hue.

James (no not that one, another one) and Andy tunt my ally Matt while Graham looks on.