Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Grots (and a Kustom Mega Kannon)

Some time ago I assembled and painted the Kustom Mega Kannon that General B. gave me a while ago.
But I didn't do the crew.

That's now been resolved. Almost*.

Very jolly and characterful and all that, but it took me ages to work up the enthusiasm to paint up all the extra detail on what are, essentially some wound markers.

Here they are with their pride and joy.

*There's one still to do who's supposed to be actually on the model, peering through the shield. Eventually, eventually.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Ork Painboy Conversion

I wanted a Mad Dok (yes, yes, I know that's the special character, but it's what I call them. And so does Stephen). But I didn't want one enough to pay £12 for a single plastic model.
So I decided to do some kunnin' konvertin.

Black Ork Nob body, Power Klaw from the Nob sprue, resin barrel from I can't remember, bit of wire, some clear yellow rod and a needle made from spare Nortshar spear with part of a plastic lamp from lord knows what kit.
Bish, bash and indeed bosh.

I like to think he's reaching forward with his klaw and asking some unfortunate Boy to cough.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Greek Heroes for Of Gods and Mortals

A couple of generic Greek heroes I had lying around half finished for ages. I dal for our of Gods and Mortals games.

One in blue for the Poseidon following hopilites

His shield transfer is a LBM one.

And a clothed Spartan to help out the naked ones

Spartan symbol from VVV miniatures.

Lovely, easy to paint Crusader Miniatures there's a bloke with a sword somewhere, almost finished too.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Skeletons for Of Gods and Mortals

When James bought his son over at the weekend (I think I'm doing very well to not refer to him as Morris Minor) he asked if I had any skeletons. I think James figured I was pretty much bound to have some given my long GW history. However I've only ever painted a single unit of Tomb Kings skellies many years ago that I think I donated to the Studio playtest cabinet (as I was never going to do a whole undead army).
However, not wishing to let young Master Morris down (he's very enthusiastic about Greek Myth and Jason and the Argonuts, so I understood the wish for dead 'uns) I asked Steve if he had any I could borrow. Weirdly Tomb Kings is pretty much the only army Steve doesn't have. he has Vampire Counts but the latter day GW VC skeletons are rather too western for Greek mythology.

Fortunately, and inevitably, Steve did have some (assembled but unpainted) skeletons, from the original GW Skeleton boxed set stuffed into the back of his cabinet, so he forced them on me. Thanks, mate.

Good job skellies are quick and easy to paint. I replaced the assorted hand weapons with some Northstar steel spears. Then white spray, various brown washes and a good drybrush later they were ready for Young Master Morris to field in our game.

I have now prevailed upon General Ballroom to let me have some of his spare plastic hopilite shields so I can Greekify the spear lads a little more.

Thursday, 6 June 2019


I made some trees.
Twisted wire armature, PVA and toilet roll, steel wool, spray mount, flock, bingo.

I was aiming for some olive trees, but they'r e a bit bright. I think I need some more, ummm, olive coloured flock.

There's a 28mm skeleton lurking beneath the last one to give an idea of size.

They're generic enough to be useful in most games. Quite pleased with myself.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Of Gods and Mortals Four Player Game

James  came over to the Soldier Shack with his son for a game of Of Gods and Mortals. Chum Martin has just started working on a force too, so we invited him as well to make the numbers up to four.
Martin has Hekate, James' lad wanted Poseidon (rather like the Gaming Heir he basically wanted to summon the Kraken) I took Hermes and James had Athena as he'd just painted it up at his son's request.
We didn't bother too much with points but each had a couple of legends and some troops - shades for Hekate, Spartans and Harpies for me, Archers and hopilites for Athena and Skeletons for the sea god.
James and heir were on one side and Martin and I faced them. The objective was some goats in the temple in the centre of the board.

The peaceful Greek settlement (a bit later the tide came in in the top right hand corner so that a Kraken could appear)

Hermes and a load of bull

Hermes decides to take on Athena with some harpy help.

Meanwhile Martin's harpy heroine was helping herself to the goat buffet.

Nemean lion meets hydra.

The hydra chased off (but din't kill) the lion and then thundered into the bull, sending it clanking from the field.

The Spartans cornered Caliban the Celtic hero that James' son had made him take.

Hekate got ambushed by the drunken Centaurs.

But chased them off

Caliban proved remarkable resilient

So Hermes got involved

Athena raced to join a big fight in the centre

As did Hekate

(You'll notice the face of a slightly distracted small boy appearing in pictures after he decided to photobomb at every opportunity)

Hekate and Athena prepare to go toe-to-toe

At this point persistent photobombing rendered further photos impossible.

However the Talos scooped up the goats and took them to the seaside.
And fed the to the Kraken.
Thus ending the game.

Good fun and nice to get lots of cool Greek themed models out on the table.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Warhammer Orcs v Skaven

Steve and I are still happily enjoying plenty of proper Warhammer. 8th edition - hordes, square bases. Manly stuff.

I fettled another scenario based on the ones in the book One Hour Wargames.
Steve deployed in a village, I enetered from behind a river and we were both racing for a hill.
I also tried a new random game length mechanic. I say "new" but it' stolen from Peter Pig's Square Bashing rules. After each turn roll a D6 - when the total reaches 24 the game ends. I figured on average this should result in a 7 turn game, but there would be a bit less certainty.

It turned out the river was necrotic ooze. Whic was somewhat less than idea. Anyway the greenskins splashed over.

Steve had parked a big gribbly to block the bridge.

And he had a Plague Furnace.

The Orc general failed his animosity test, which rather stalled the race across the ford.

I unleashed fanatics at the Abomination. They missed.

Inevitable the big things on both sides squared off

In the middle of a necrotic river.

The chariots made it unharmed across the river and thundered into the Furnace.

The Squig rider bounced across and in to the woods.

He should have had help but the boarboys took casualties in the river then took more casualties as they charged into the woods. Then failed their panic test and ran back into the river. Where they took more causalties.

However the squig saw off the skirmishing rats, then overran into the flank of the Rat Ogres.

To my surprise the giant saw off the Abomination.

Finally the Orc advance began.

Another shot of the boarboys sinking beneath the ooze.

The ratty horde headed for the hill.

Splash, splash, splash.

The chariots actually survived to a second turn of fighting!

The Trolls and Orcs closed on the mostly unharmed rat hordes.

At this point Steve rolled his fourth straight six for the turn end and the game finished after just four turns!

Victory to the Skaven who had possession of the hill.