Sunday, 17 June 2018

40K again

Once more the Gaming Heir and I got the 40K toys out.
Can you guess what the result was?

The Nobs and warboss were shot to pieces by the Primaris marines with the dandy Plasma Rifle thingies.

Cover is, to all intents and purposes useless in 40K.
A +1 save you say? Why thank you?
What's the save modifier on that weapon?
I'll just put all these back in the box then, shall I?

At least this time the ladz and the Dredd got into combat and killed a dreadnought.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

OGAM in the Gaming Hut

I took the OGAM collection over to the Ilko Gaming hut to give the chaps a taste of mythical Greek action.
General B took Poseidon and Steve had Hermes.
It's been a week and I've forgotten most of it. i was quite busy trying to remember the rules and flicking back and forth and so didn't take many pictures either.

Hermes was killed by a centaur early doors (he was revived) and Steve found out (as I tend to) that Hermes is quite hard to use. Though he got the hang of him by the end.

 Peaceful, mythical Greece.

 Spartans. Nekkid as the Gods intended

 Dressed Greeks

 Poseidon prepares to prod the Brass Bull in the Brass Bullocks

None shall pass!

The early death of Hermes caused quite a bit of panic and rather too much of Steve's army fled the table. He did his best to claw things back but in the end Poseidon was triumphant.

It was a fun little game. Lacking much nuance - mainly due to me failing to explain the rules properly.
I do like OGAM though.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Partizan Goodies

Apart from the chatting about the Crete game and taking pictures of other games I also did some shopping at Partizan

Here's the full haul...

Some animals. Wolves from Warbases for Frostgrave and a Gorilla from Bad Squiddo, probably for Jimland but possibly for painting white for Frostgrave.

Perry miniatures. Three more Scots Greys (so I can have a unit of 8 for our BP games. A cannon. Because I wanted one, but also for BP.
And some British Sudan infantry. Time I started that project back up.

Two little resin pieces from Coritani. Just some set dressing really. Well for Sudan/NWF most likely. Trough for generic European.

Crew for my 57mm AT gun from WestWind. Bought the gun years ago, but when I came to assemble it realised the crew were the British models. So these will mean I can finish the gun off (and take out Stugs).

The freebie pilot model from the show.

Paint from the Tree Fellas. These are good value at £1 a pot (or six for a fiver) and I think have pretty good coverage.

Static grass and some tufts from Great Escape Games.

A reasonable haul.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Moved this one over here. Just to make our TMP chumps life more fun.

Five Wargames Foundry harpies to add to the OGAM forces.

Some single shots

As I was finishing this last one I realised that I was subconsciously painting a tribute, or more properly un homage, to flame haired Gallic screen siren (!), star of  Engrenages (Spiral) and future Mrs Tom's Toys Soldiers* Audrey Fleurot.

These were odd models to paint. They have a Heavy Metal Album Cover vibe about them, a whiff of Kerrang circa 1983, as if the sculptor's knowledge of female anatomy came from the extensive study of Pat Benatar fan art.
I'm not sure what 12 year old me getting in to the hobby of toy soldiers would have thought about 40 something me painting nipples on 28mm breasts and applying washes to miniature pubic hair. 40 something year old me certainly feels distinctly weird about it.

I realise there's a sub set of gamers who think there's nothing wrong with collecting "erotic" female miniatures, but it's not my version of the hobby.

Over on TMP there used to be (and possibly still is) a board called something like "Needs More Boobies" or an equally puerile title. I once ventured in, in the interests of research you understand, to discover that the vast majority of content came from the man name-checked in the header of this page - Tango01. So apparently when he's not stealing content from other gamers he spends his time glopping off to 54mm anime French Maid sculptures.

On the other hand they're the nicest Greek style harpy models out there and arguably pretty representative of the mythical creatures so I'm happy to have them in the force, though I'm not sure I'll be rushing off to buy any more.

*Madame Audrey Toy-Soldiers has a ring to it I think.

La Gorgue Airfield at Partizan

Aly Morrison and Dave Andrews had the most gorgeous WW1 table.
featuring powder blue Portuguese (including Soldier Millions), lods of biplanes and a fallen Madonna.
Lovely attention to detail. Great scenery modelling from the legend (and lovely man) that is Dave Andrews. Soldiers and explanations from the irrepressible Aly. Dave probably did some of the soldiers too.

My favourite game (by a distance) among what felt like a very strong field this year.
Made me want to make another start on the 28mm WW1 soldirs.

Loads more pictures to be found over on Aly's blog

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Steve Jones AWI at Partizan

Chum Steve Jones had his lovely AWI collection out on his all new fleece gaming mat (all the cool kids are doing fleece, man).

No idea what was going on. Redcoats handing it out to militia I expect. That's pretty much the entire AWI isn't it?

Anyway it looked lovely.
You can see Steve's prep and progress over on his blog.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Back of Beyond at Partizan

Lovely looking game staged by the League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers

Armoured trains, biplanes, camels, lovely range of Copplestone models. What's not to love about BoB?
(Must. Not. Start. New. Period)