Saturday, 25 June 2016

Warhammer Raze and Ruin

Abelard von Gesegnet lolled in the saddle of his warhorse. The knights around him looked at one another as the distinct sound of snoring came from beneath his large feathered hat.
The landscape was unnaturally quiet, not even birdsong disturbed the air.
Suddenly a cry went up from the watchtower and the captain of the knights slapped the flat of his sword across Gesgnet's horse barding.
"Eh, what?" roared the General "Charge!!!!"

Steve and I have decided to play some Warhammer. Currently the Sherwood Hucknall Ilkeston Team is undergoing it's very own political turmoil to rival that in the wider country, riven as we are between the Age of Sigmar faction (or AS-hats) and the fans of Warhammer 8th edition (Warnkers)
General Ballroom is a complete AS-hat
I am a Warnker.
Steve just wants to play soldiers.

Fortunately Gen B is currently indisposed, so Steve and I are in a position to play proper square based manly Warhammer.

Steve suggested the Raze and Ruin scenario from the WFB rule book as we've never played that and we settled on 1500 points of  Empire versus Undead.

I deployed some handgunners in the building on the left, crossbowmen in the tower and militia to defend the wall. The cannon sat in a corner and the spearmen defended the left of the village whilst my cavalry and pistoliers were deployed at the back of the board.

The host of Stefan von Grünstein shambled into view, replete with Graveguard, ghoulies, flying dead things and some skeleton archers.

The undead pushed forward and the Empire prepared to shoot
Unfortunately the poisoned arrows of the skeleton archers took a nasty toll on the crossbowmen in the tower.

In response the knights pushed up and the pistoliers cantered forward on the left flank.
Sadly the shooting wasn't very effective though the cannon mangled  a few graveguard.

Von Grünstein's flyng dead things lolloped over to the left and the spearmen turned to face them.

Another turn of ineffectual shoting followed before the charges began.
Unfortunately the graveguard managed to contact the knights.

And the Vampire count kicked down the door of the tower and slaughtered everyone inside.

Suddenly the flying dead things were in back field!
Meanwhile poiseoned arrows, wind of death and some skullchukka chucking means the militia were seriously weakened.

The graveguard began their grim work, hacking down the knight's champion and then the general in swift succession. And the flying dead things began to kill handgunners in the house.

Finally the ghouls hit home into the severely reduced spearmen.

Inevitably thre knights were thrown back and salughtered.

With the spears breaking and the handgunners all dead the battle came to a close with Stefan von Grünstein in control of the small village.

Well I took a bit of a pasting there.
I think I need more warm bodies, better understanding of the magic and just being better at Warhammer.
I've always found VC a tough nut to crack and my Empire army is at best "sub-optimal".
However it was good to get the WFB toys out again.

General Ballroom is making noises about not beuing able to return to gaming until the end of August, so in the absence of any AS-hats Steve and I are free to be Warnkers for a while - he left muttering about a campaign.


  1. Well it looked great, but what a bruising game for the warm bodies!

    1. Nasty, brutish and short.

      Like my opponent.