Friday, 24 June 2016

Excellent service from Too Fat Lardies

A few years ago I bought the At the Sharp End supplement from Too Fat Lardies. At the time I was intending to use it for games of Bolt Action, but we decided BA was a silly game and so the plans lay unfulfilled, though AtSE it did look like a good system with good ideas in it.

The other day, thinking of ways to get more Sharp Practice games in I began musing about some sort of linked gaming and thought that I might be able to adapt/update At the Sharp End for use - creating some sort of At the Sharp Practice hybrid.

However in the intervening couple of years my old tablet had rolled over and died, and guess where the only copy of At the Sharp End resided?

Anyway, a short email to the TFL team and Rich quickly re-enabled the download ink and I am now once again in possession of the rules.

So thanks Rich for a bit of "above and beyond" customer service.


  1. My group is getting very enthusiastic about Chain of Command. What is "At the Sharp End"--a campaign module? (If so, is it for 1940 or 1944?)

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

  2. Hi Chris, it's not time specific it's a generic supplement for running ladder campaigns. So it works for any CoC period. It's only £6 for the download, so it's good value IMO.