Friday, 24 March 2023

Escalera de la Perdición - a Sharp Practice Campaign. Game Three

The swift end to the previous game meant we had time to reset and play again.

Falling back once more the British elected to make a stand at a remote farmhouse in the cultivated lands of the campos de hombre.

Scrivs elected (well actually he just rolled a dice as that was easier) for an All Out Assault - and decided to make it a hasty one as well.

The British were somewhat depleted by casualties from the previous games, so some restructuring saw the Hanoverians leave the force with Lt M. Winters taking command of the Lights and Sgt Micklewhite joining Captain Bland with the large unit of line infantry.

Some restructuring was necessary for Capitaine Baudin's force too, but with only eleven casualties against the British seventeen the changes were more easily accommodated.

Campos de Hombre

The lights were soon in action against advancing French line.

The British, knowing they must defend their deployment point set up defensively.

Before Captain Bland urged his largest group forward.

The French too were staking a claim to the centre

A firefight inevitably began.

Whilst the other French unit continued to hammer the lights.

Voltigeurs began to sneak across the road.

The Lights were driven back behind the farm buildings.

BLand and Baudin were going toe-to-toe

Amidst this pesky Voltigeurs snuck in past the British to the farmyard!


With their deployment point captured the game was up for Bland and his men.
The strategic village of Pueblo de Gente Grosera was in French hands - a setback for the defence of the Peninsular!

A good swift set of three games. Having a campaign element (as with Chain of Command) adds another dimension to the games. This was very basic so I think a look through Dawns and Departures to try and steal a few more ideas to add some side plots and the like would help in future.

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