Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Escalera de la Perdición - a Sharp Practice Campaign. Game Two

 Bested by the French on the outskirts of Pueblo de Gente Grosera the British forces fell back to the sparsely cultivated campos de mazelas.

The British would attempt to conduct a Fighting Withdrawal. Despite having withdrawn after the previous clash casualties were even with both sides having suffered 4 dead and a further 8 unable to take part in this battle.

Daylight streaming through the window meant some pictures were much better illuminated, but some are a little heavily backlit!

To the sound of a regular drumbeat the French column advanced up the road

Soon the irritating Voltigeurs were pushing up on the British

The British began to deploy (and I realised I'd place the deployment point badly)

The lights took cover on the British right

Some very rapid marching swiftly had the British under pressure

Whilst they scrabbled to form line

Inevitably there were French on the flanks

Fire began to be exchanged

As more British entered the field

The lights looked outnumbered

With redcoat casualties mounting the line began to withdraw

The French kept up the pressure

And soon the fields were in possession of L'Empereur

A swift game this one. Poor deployment point positioning and then some very good dice for the marching French meant I was under pressure and on the back foot from the word go. Unable to bring enough firepower to bear on les bleus I was taking casualties and not giving much in return, so withdrawal seemed the best plan.

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