Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Xenos Rampant VIP

Matt came over with his Space Cacadores and we played the VIP rescue scenario

I took the Orks again.

Matt;s Space Cacadores are fettled from Mantic robot bodies and Wargames Atlantic Grognard heads.

I took the Zapper Gun thingy instead of the Dakka Boys this time as Support Weapons as the unwillingness of Grots to fight makes more sense.

The VIP, lost on a hill.

Matt's lads made good progress toward the hill.

While the Ork boys dawdled.

But a couple of rounds of combat that brutally demonstrated why big units>small units and the VIP was in green hands.

However devastating support fore from the Space Cacadores wiped out her erstwhile saviours.

Fighting continued on the hill.

While more Orks, somewhat unwisely, assaulted a bunker.

And were beaten back.

The lads decided to have another go at the bunker.

The Zapper gun tried to deal with the remaining Cacadore, but he survived!

More of the Brown Suited types crested the hill, hoping to locate the VIP

She was safely being cared for by the Warboss.

And despite the Cacadore throwing everything at him the Warboss was able to sneak away and claim the victory!

Whilst the Orks finally forced their way into the bunker!

A great game that played fast and loose. Nice to see Matt's army on the table.

I told him I'd take some pictures of the troops but somehow managed to get the thers out of focus, so there's just these three (two of which are almost identical.
Sorry Matt.

Xenos Rampant is a good fun little game and scratches the 40K itch without having to actually play (shudder) 40K.

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  1. The VIP looked a bit pathetic and probably deserved to end-up as an Ork War Boss's, ahem . . . 'Handmaiden'!! H