Sunday 26 May 2024

Partizan Loot

I have been on a self imposed miniature buying ban for a year.

As I prepared to set off for Partizan 2023 I went to locate my reusable Partizan Tote bag only to discover that it lay where I had left it after returning from Hammerhead some three months earlier still containing untouched the models I'd bought at that show. I know we all joke about our addiction and lead mountains, but buying things and not even bothering to unpack them before setting out to buy more seemed a step to far. So I emptied the bag, put it down and decided not to buy anything for a bit. That bit turned in to 12 months, during which I painted quite a bit from the existing leadpile. 

However all good things must come to an end, and more to the point I couldn't actually finish the Pict army I've made good progress on without adding a few more models, so 12 month on seemed like the time to break the drought.

I pre-ordered quite a few things and went with a list of a few others.

The complete hall (plus Tote Bag of Shame)

The freebie show model, William D'Isigny. A nice 12th or 13th century knight.

Some standing stones. Kenton has been painting Lizardmen, so I thought I could add to the jungle terrain with some appropriate looking scenery.

They look pretty good - I can see me adding a few more from the range once these are done.

Magnetic tape - for Picts and Warmaster mostly.

Hills from Kallistra - I've been painting up some of their cliff faced ones for Warmaster games (pics soon) and thought some plain ones would be good. Or I may do them as Desert so I can finally play BKC.
Either way I'll need another set...

The inevitable Warbases order - 120mm frontage trays for Midgard - some for Picts and some for the El Cid collection. I also sneaked in a little load for a cart.

More bases, 30mm square ones for my Black Orcs - I've decided that as only some of them are based so far I should bite the bullet and move to 30mm for TOW for the unit (even if that means a little rebasing).
I also took the liberty of squeezing in a few bits to make Command stands for BKC.

A big bag of Picts - I took advantage of a Gripping Beast sale a few weeks ago to get them ordered cheap and post free. There's some cavalry and an armoured unit in there to bulk out the spear armed horde I've finished so far.

More Picts - these from 1st Corps - I took a fancy to the King model they do and thought the casualties would be useful for Midgard and other games and then bulked things out with some characters and skirmishers. The range is a good fit with the GB and BTD models that make up the majority of the army.

So that's it. Actually quite a lot of it seems to be supplies and scenery. The order was also quite focused on a few things - mostly Picts to finish off that project.

So it was good to be disciplined about not just buying more stuff for a year, but I'm glad I spent some money again with some very fine fellows.


  1. Very disciplined not buying for 12 months Tom, and it seems like your new purchases are quite focused and will get used.
    Having just completed a census of my figures and finding out I had way more than anticipated, I am also putting the breaks on any new purchases.

  2. Nice haul and kudos on your focused approach, better will power than me sir!

  3. I’m on a bit of a spending freeze on figures as I just have so many at the moment I really don’t need any more. But a few other bits are always useful