Wednesday 22 May 2024

Partizan 2024 - Midgard Middle earth game

The other game James took to Partizan was a28mm Middle earth set game. This was a larger than usual battle with the Elves having 600 points and the ambushing Orcs 900. A "standard" game is 300 points per size - that's what we had for the Troy game - which is usually around ten ir so units per size. The Orcs being mostly a horde army has more bases than most in a regular game, so squeezing them all onto a table only a little larger than a standard 6x4 was a challenge!

James had painted all the Elves and a goodly chunk of the Orcs (including Glaurung the dragon) with the balance being supplied by Martin and Pete. Andy was also on hand to help with dice rolling and chatting.

I can't really tell you about the game as I was playing Teeny Tiny Troy most of the time.

The scenario (the usual Tolkien stuff of doomed Elves with magical swords and evil, black-hearted Orcs and the like) is here on James blog.

So what follows here is largely eye candy snapped in gaps between dice rolling and chatting about Troy.

The Orcish hordes with their dragon leader.

Glaurung is a heavily converted Schleich toy - James describes the modelling and painting here on his blog.

The Elf cavalry - much of this is kitbashes created before the Oathmark cavalry was released.

The forces looked impressive before battle began.

The backdrop is another John Hodgson Designs used with kind permission.

A very rare dice rolling and wargames pointing shot modelled by Andy.

This is later in the day and battle as Glaurung pushes into the heart of the Elven lines, spewing fire.

Whilst the Elf cavalry push back one flank.

James had sneaked a unit of Peters Paperboys onto the field - their lack of depth didn't seem to bother their more three dimensional chums.

Later still Glaurung was ploughing deep into the Elf centre.

A trail of dead littered the field.

Although the game was not fought to a conclusion (too much chatting) the Elves were just ahead on Reputation and so claimed the victory. Which is what you'd expect Elves to do.

Great fun was had by all concerned and it looked magnificent.

James' own more detailed version of events can be found over on his blog


  1. Super looking game, I don't think I have ever seen so many Elven cavalry on a table before! Top notch stuff!

    1. Thanks. Yes he has painted a lot of them!