Tuesday 21 May 2024

Partizan 2024 - Midgard Troy 6mm game

Once again James very kindly invited me to help him out with his display game(s) at Partizan. With publication of his Midgard rules due "later this year" (we may have said the same thing last year!) it was time to bring out a couple of games to show the breadth of periods and scales you can play using the rules. On one side was a large- ish Middle Earth game using 28mm models (pictures tomorrow) and on another a 6mm Troy game on a small (3'x4') mat to show how you *can* play Midgard on the proverbial kitchen table.

As it turned out Martin and I spent most of the day with the Teeny Tiny Troy set up. Fielding lots of questions, explaining base widths and "spear throws" and allowing youngsters to roll my dice in order to heap dismay on Martin.

All the models and scenery were painted by James - there's more over on his Mogsymakes blog

The evil Trojans (blue, so probably Tories)

Hurrah for the noble Mycenaeans (red, socialists, good lads)

An eagle eye view, including the lovely Mycenaean camp (bottom right mostly hand made by James) and the walls of Troy (top left - Leven miniatures models)

Patrocolus urges his lads on.

While Micheal Gove Aeneas* encourages the slingers.

The Trojans prepare to repel the Mycenaeans

A hail of slingshots heralds the Mycenaean advance.

The walls of Troy bear witness to the coming slaughter.

The amazing backdrop is from John Hodgson Design who kindly gave James permission to use them.

On, mighty Mycenaean heroes!

On the Trojan left flank the chariots catch their opponents napping.

The spearmen too far away to support

However the rest of the Mycenaean line is closing on their foes.

This was still quite early, but I forgot to take any further pictures after this.

I say forgot, mostly I was too busy chatting and explaining the rules. And prevailing upon youngsters to roll my dice for me as I always roll badly and they (mostly) roll well!

Suffice to say that Achilles did as he was supposed to and pounded Boris Johnson Hector into the dirt and then dragged him round and round by the ankles.

It was very busy all day and lots of people wanted to know more about the rules and miniatures so, to answer the common questions

  • Are the rules out yet? No, not yet
  • When are they coming out? "Later this year" (hopefully). They should be next from Too Fat Lardies now the Far East CoC book has been released
  • Who makes the models? Baccus and Rapier Miniatures
  • How do you paint such tiny things? Ask James!
  • I've got mine based differently, how will that work? Midgard doesn't have fixed basing sizes - as long as both sides have the same frontage you can play with whatever base size suits you and your collection. There's an explanation on James Mogsymakes blog here
  • What base sizes are these? 80mmx40mm
Great fun, but rather exhausting day. The show seemed tremendously busy for the first few hours then calmed down a bit but we had a constant stream of folk wanting to talk about Midgard.

If you want to know more about Midgard all the current information is on the Mogsymakes Website

*There's a joke here to be had about Gove being a huge Aeneas - knock yourselves out


  1. Loved this game. T'was great to meet you and have a chat, Tom.

    1. Great to meet you too, Ray. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the show and had a good journey back.

  2. A long day, but twas enjoyable :-)

  3. Great looking game Tom and I am glad it went of well with lots of interested people.
    Good to see that the Mycenaeans got to do a bit of wealth re-distribution 😁 I am sure they were much gentler than the current tax office!

  4. What a super looking game, and I really like the idea of a good game on a small table, I will look out for the rules when they are released that;s for sure.

    1. They work for pretty much any scale and table size and they're pretty straightforward and fun