Thursday 23 May 2024

Partizan 2024 - lots of pictures

Partizan was very bust for us this year so I didn't get as much time to wander about snapping pictures as I may have liked. But I still managed a fair few.

In no particular order here they are

Some sort of Indiana Jones v Nazis game

WW2 - Rapid Fire I think

Simon Millers mahoosive ECW game.
Read more here

Some 54mm Germans

This was the Curteys/1st Corps game - Mexican American war I think - looked lovely.


Big Sudan game - love seeing this collection at the shows - lots of inspiration, maybe I'll get my considerably smaller TMWWBK forces finished and on the table this year.

Not sure - South American wars?

Elephant fight!

Fulford Gate I think

Indian Mutiny possibly

This is the Boondock Sayntes award winning game - as usual a massively impressive display.

No idea where this came from - more WW2 though.

Back to the Sayntes

ECW possibly?

No idea

Also no idea, jolly colourful though.

Back to WW2


Back to the Curteys Mexican American offering

Some lovely eye candy. Apologies to the people I've mislabelled or been unable to identify - drop something in the comments and I can correct it.

There were also lots of other games that I didn't even see or get to. Apologies to you as well.

A few more pictures from a couple of favourites still to come over the next day or two


  1. Great pictures. I think that your suspected South American game is actually Yorkshire Ken's game featuring Garibaldi vs the Papal States.

    1. Ah yes, you may well be right. I'll get that looked at