Friday 1 March 2024

Warhammer The Old World Three Player Game

Fortified with a tasty curry and a few pints of Cobra we settled down to another gentle game. This time a two on one game with Khorneton fielding 2,000 points of Warriors of Chaos against an allied Wood Elf and Empire army.

No T&T to complicate things, just a stand up fight.

The field of War(hammer). The foul and bloated things of Khaos have Khastled in the Khorner

Now don't that look luvverly

Trolls as well as Chaosmen

A cavalry wing ready to sweep down on the vile worshipers of 50% of the Dark Powers.

The Chaos lads get moving.

And are met with a storm of fire and much rejoicing from the humans and their pointy eared chums.

Where's that Chariot off to...?

Hold men, hold...

A cunning ruse to distract the mad axe wielding red angry men of Chaos.

An eagle's eye view

Oh, *that's* where the chariot was going.

Meanwhile the trolls go to work.

But are held by the Wissenland Whitespears!

Alas the cunning distraction technique just pulled the red angy axe wielding Chaos men into a place where they could better charge the swordsmen of Middenheim.

The Helblaster having misfired then took a charge.

And the Khorne lads duly did their job.

With the chariot demonstarting that stag riders are not so much a glass hammer as a glass glass. And then doing much the same to the knights the game was up for the forces of good and the Ruinous powers held the field!

More Warhammer goodness.Made all the better by not trying to play T&T whilst also drinking quite a lot of Pale Ale.

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