Monday 4 March 2024

Another four player Warhammer The Old World Game

After a pause to watch Wigan and Castleford play The Greatest Game and refuel on pizza we started a fourth game. 
I again took Ogres, this time allied with the High Elves of Spandex - despite the fact that as everyone knows he only *ever* plays with Skaven. Instead Kenton would take the Ratty hordes (mainly because Stephen thinks they are broken in WTOW and he wanted to see if they were all that). Stephen himself took Beastmen, including some really horrid Mierce Miniatures models.

By this stage we had been drinking for many hours and so my memories are a little hazy and many of the photos I took were, for some reason blurry and out of focus.

The Ogres march to war!

In the pay of the Noble High Elves (who wanted them to do the beastly business of fighting)

Stephen pulled his Cockatrice out and waved it around.

Tiny Wee Dragon Ogres from days gone by get stuck in to their less chaotic brethren.

Dragon Princes got caught by the verminous hordes.

That's all I could salvage I'm afraid.

I think I lost. But as always Warhammer was the real winner!

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