Saturday 2 March 2024

Warhammer The Old World Four Player Game

Having collected young Spandex from the futuristic travel of the hovercraft and fortified ourselves with a fry up and line dancing (it's an IoW thing) it was time for Morehammer.

We'd decdided once more that a simple stand up fight would be tough enough without T&Ting things, so 1500 points each was the order of the day for 3,000 a side. I took Ogres allied with Khorneton's Khaosmen. Opposing us Spandex took control of my Empire (as they were left out from the night before) - this despite the fact that it is well known that he as only ever owned and played with Skaven for his entire life. Stephen took Bretonnians.

Then we all took some ale (well, red wine in my case)

The Ogre and Chaos Allies form up

A solid centre of Warriors - green uns and red uns.

A mixed cavalry wing - with the Bretonnians no doubt sneering at the Empire men.

The Chaos force lumbers forward.

The stout spears of Wissenland stand ready. Hoping they don't soil their pristine white trews.

The Mournfangs slam home. Turns out they're just as good as they used to be.

A lance tries to prick the Nurgle boil.

Other Bretonnian knights find the Ogres tough going.

Aha! A flank charge!

Still standing firm.

The Middenheim hammer men hold the hilltop

The Nurgle lads hold the lance long enough for the cavalry to arrive.

But it isn't all going the Ogres way.

However the Khorne blokes have hit the Empire line

With the hill cleared and the right flank destroyed the noose is closing on the remaining men.

A fairly comprehensive win for the Chaos and Ogre force.

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