Friday, 27 May 2022

Warhammer Daemons v High Elves Game Three - Static Defence

 Once more 1600 points of Daemons and High Elves. Steve says we can only have bigger armies when I win a game...

I rolled up a random scenario from the One Hour Wargames book - no. 14 Static Defence. The Elves had to split their force in two with half defending a hill and half some ruins. The Daemons just needed to control one of them by game end.

The Daemons bounded forward

The Masque had turned up for a little jig.

Swordmasters waited grimly

The furies were flapping about again

Dragon Princes - from a snowy part of Caledor  trotted around the flank.

To target the Seekers

The Sliver Helms bypassed the Daemon centre.

The Seekers managed to get in on the flank of the Sea Guard.

The Fiends joined the Masque for a funky foxtrot on the Swordmasters.

The Princes swept onwards.

Unfortunately the Daemonettes failed to charge home.

The Furies, perhaps unwisely went after the Reavers.

The Swordmasters killed off the Masque and the Fiends, so the 'nettes charged in to finish the job.

The Flamers had by this stage toasted the Silver Helms off the board - but failed to hurt the Dragon Princes.

Archers in the flank. Feels like some easy combat resolution to me.

Over on the hill all looked well set for Slaanesh until the fickle winds of magic saw the end of the Herald and with her went Always Strikes First.

On the right in the ruins things were going better against the archers.

See them flee!

The Princes crept forward after Acquiesce hampered their movement.

The hill would be remaining Elf property.

The archers rallied and the remaining 'nettes suffered a hail of arrows and magic that saw them banished once again.

Another fun game. Definitely getting the hang of the Slaanesh forces a bit better now - though Elves are very definitely Daemon kryptonite (and just generally a bit broken)

I think I need a lawnmower chariot for this army.

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