Sunday, 19 June 2022

Warhammer Daemons v High Elves Game Four - Dawn Attack

The Daemons had another go. I think the Dark Prince must be getting fairly fed up with them by now... 

1600 points of 8th edition Warhammer once more (as I still haven't won) with the scenario where you dice to see where your blokes turn up.

I had two blocks of Daemonettes.

The elf archers secured themselves a nice little hedged enclosure, The hedges count as fences because (so the scenery rules tell us) there are NO hedges in Warhammer!

Filth. Or Phoenix Guard as they are sometimes known,

Sea Guard.

The pale purple hordes moved up.

Closing on the Sea Guard

The Fiends went in. And suffered. But they softened up a bit.

The Furies were sent to distract and slow down the Swordmasters.

The Phoenix Guard silently went to work.

Demonstrating that just 3 points extra a model completely justifies them being better in every measurable way than Daemonettes. 

The other unit of 'Nettes managed to pick on a slightly more reasonable target and dealt with them - though at some cost.

The Masque grew weary of foxtrotting and, with the last remaining Seeker charged the elves in the field.

The Phoenix Guard, silently chuckling to themselves about how under-costed they are, turned to join the fight.

The swordmasters hove in to view.

This resulted in the depleted but triumphant Daemonettes attempting to charge the Swordmasters in the flank. They tried to flee, rolled low and were caught and wiped out.

Soon after this the herald miscast in successive magic phases, taking most of the few remaining Daemonettes and himself back to the immortal realms (where The Big Man wants a sibilant word)

As the trap began to close the desperate furies moved to  block the Phoenix Guard.

Meanwhile the remaining Daemons enjoyed their last few moments in the mortal realm tickling the captured Elf Standard Bearer until he squealed!

Then Steve shot them and the game was over.

I don't think 1600 points mono Slaaanesh is a good match up against High Elves. ASF *and* high initiative means what few advantages a Daemonete may have are nullified and the weight of shooting and magic means you're going in to combats depleted that you could barely win at full strength.
I think you need quite a lot of Slaanesh magic to have a hope and that means a DP or a Kipper - which you'd struggle to squeeze in to this points level.

I've enjoyed the games but it might be time to retire the Daemons until I've got a few more painted.

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