Friday, 24 June 2022

Warhammer 8th Edition Orcs v High Elves 2400 points

With the Daemons stalled  in their attempts to invade Ulthuan we decided on a different match up.

I dug out the Greenskins and went all Orcs (plus some trolls and a giant).

2400 points and the diagonal deployment scenario

My "plan" was to try and swamp the Elves with bodies - hoping enough of the lads made it through the arrow storm to do some crumpin'.
A plan that was ded cunnin' I'm sure you'll agree.

Gruzzkup's Waagh lined up ready to go. And then won the roll to go first! One less round of shooting!

There were quite a lot of Elves waiting patiently, stood well back.

Good to see the Phoenix Guard again.

Some of the Elves had done whatever the Elf equivalent of "castling" is - cottaging? - in a field.

The lads were ready to rumble!
Then Gruzkup failed his animosity test and he and the Trolls went nowehere.  Sigh.

Some badly placed chariots allowed a unit of Ellyrian reavers to roll them up and set them all a fleeing!

But the right flank surged on.

Sadly the swordmasters surged out to meet them.

While the rallied chariots caused something of a car park in the centre. The giant meanwhile had been Withered and then shot to death.

Oh so slowly the Waaagh lumbered forward.

While the remaining Reavers made a nuisance of themselves.

The Phoenix Guard waited. Quietly.

Finally one of the chariots thumped home

As did the Black Orcs.

But the Guard were waiting.

And the Black Orcs duly fled.

But another chariot and the Orc Boys started a crumpin'

And then my camera ran out of power and the Orcs won a great and mighty victory, thanks to my cunnin' plan.

Oh wait, hang on I've got some phone pictures...

The spear Elves came to the rescue...

And soon it was down to Gruzzkup and the last Troll to win the day



Despite Gruzzkup himself smashing the puny Elves hw was then forced to make a takrikul withdrwul whne the Phoenix Guard tried to charge his flank.

He rallied, but was then surrounded!

And inevitably it all ended in a hail of arrows.

Bit of a better game with the Orcs and more points.
But the High Elves are fundamentally broken against all bit a few armies (Chaos Warriors, Dwarfs, Dark Elves) all the others will be first murdered by weight of bowfire before being finished off with always strikes first and re-rolling misses.

We finished up by musing again on some sort of reset of WFB for ourselves that just strips out all the special rules and gets back to a cleaner, simpler game....
Maybe one day SteveandTomHammer will see the light of day.

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