Saturday, 21 May 2022

Warhammer Daemons v High Elves Game Two - Bung up the Portal

After their success in the initial clash the High Elves have sought out the rent in the fabric of the universe (don't you hate it when that happens?) through which the Daemons are entering the material realm. They've located a gaping portal and, as Elves are won't to do, are intent on bunging it up. The Daemons are naturally enjoying the open passage (well, they are mostly Slaanesh) so are intent on preventing the portal's closure.

An error of judgement exposed the Seekers to a charge from the Dragon Princes. It did not end well and the right flank was exposed - at the cost of most of the Elf horsemen.

The pink Daemonettes gibbered and writhed in a cornfield.

The rest of the elf force hove in to view,

*Gibbering sounds*

A big unit of Silver Helms crested the hill

The newly painted spear elves advanced whilst their bow armed colleagues took a deadly toll.

The Silver helms swung about a bit.

I imagine those ears of corn must chafe a bit.

The remaining Princes trotted limply forward.

Alongside some Reavers, who, shortly after this, were sliced by some shards.

A minor miscalculation left the Fiends just in charge arc of the helms. Bum.

The Screamers had an epic ding-dong with the bolt thrower crew.

Meanwhile the Pink 'Nettes got lucky and charged and ran down the chunky unit of Sea Guard (and the wizard with them!

The Spear Elves didn't fancy that much. Sadly the Daemons were too busy enjoying themselves with the remains of the Sea Guard and failed to charge home.

Even two Dragon Princes need dealing with.

See, too busy writhing and cavorting to get on with killing!

The Fiends dealt with, the Helms lined up a glorious charge.

Arty shot of the cavernous cavity through which unnatural pink things have been bursting.

The Helms duly murdered the Horrors and the rest of the Elves hitched up their skirts and scampered past the remaining Daemonettes. They were close to sealing up the daemonic tunnel of love!

The 'Nettes crashed home. Sadly an ill-advised challenge saw the death of the herald, and with it any hope of striking first...

The Elves held and the Helms charged home.

And with that it was all over.

The triumphant elves forced things into the gaping portal to close off easy access to the Daemonic hordes!

That was good fun.

A few key moments. The Pink Daemons wiping out the Sea Guard tipped things strongly in my favour. Unfortunately losing the Fiends tipped things back - then the failed charge on the spear elves mad life very tricky.

Still, much closer than the last game.
Steven thinks I need to be more aggressive with the girls - he's probably correct,

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