Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Treasure Hunt - the Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign continues

Flush with success after the last game smallest boy once more demanded my Orcs take on his Chaos Warriors.
This time we would be playing the Treasure Hunt scenario, so three beads were placed to represent the potential hiding spots. Our army lists were the same as in the previous battle.
I gained the advantage in the early moves, taking advantage of my leader to move groups forward. My lone left hand treasure hunter got lucky and was soon in position to hunt for the loot.

 The spawn of Chaos assemble

da Lads
Wots dis den?

The rest of the lads advanced whilst I failed to roll enough activations to actually investigate the first treasure. Meanwhile the Chaos forces surged forward too.
Finally the lone Orc got his act together and discovered treasure at his feet!

Throwing caution to the wind the Chaos general urged the dragon on to hunt down the treasure laden Orc as the battlelines came together.


Despite being singed a couple of times the Orc treasure bearer made good his escape. Just as the camera ran out of power.
Unfortunately by this stage most of the Orcs were locked in combat.
Gitsnag tried to coordinate an orderly retreat, but as he attempted to rally the lads the dragon caught him with a fiery blast and turned him to ash!
At which point the bulk of the Orcs turned tail and fed, leaving the field to the Chaos powers.


  1. Sounds excellent :)
    Drawing me back in to fantasy gaming...

  2. Love your SBH reports, keep them coming!