Thursday 30 October 2014

Dux Bellorum Campaign (3)

The original article for the campaign suggests simple army lists for DBA, but I'm using Dux Bellorum, so need a slightly different army generator.

I'll stick with the score on the cards indicating the number of bases - 6-8 being an average size for a Dux Bellorum game.
The first base will, naturally be your companions, with the majority of the rest of your force being warriors (or shieldwall for the Romans). For every third base a dice roll to decide between nobles, riders or skirmishers and then a final chance of getting one of the upgrades should give some variety.


  1. Companions
  2. Warriors
  3. Warriors
  4. Warriors/nobles/noble riders (D3)
  5. Warriors
  6. Warriors
  7. Warriors/nobles/skirmishers (D3)
  8. Warriors
  9. Warriors
  10. Nobles/noble riders/skirmishers (D3)


  1. Companions/Mounted Companions
  2. Warriors/Riders
  3. Warriors
  4. Warriors/Riders/Nobles/Noble riders/skirmishers
  5. Warriors/Riders
  6. Warriors
  7. Warriors/Riders/Nobles/Noble riders/skirmishers
  8. Warriors
  9. Warriors/Riders
  10. Warriors/Riders/Nobles/Noble riders/skirmishers
Dice for the companions, and the result will dictate whether the majority of the army is foot or mounted. So if you have mounted companions then result two, five and nine will automatically be more mounted troops, and ignore the foot warrior and noble options for 4, 7 and 10. And the reverse if your companions are Foot.
The Roman lists have quite a few options in Dux Bellorum, so I'm considering two different selectors for them. One for the towns and one for the "field armies". Need to muse for a little longer yet.

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