Friday, 10 October 2014

Grotfang, a Warboss for Orctober

Stephen and I are about to embark on the Idol of Gork campaign (if we can ever get our fun* packed diaries to coincide).
In addition Erny is running his Orctober idea again.
Last year it prompted me to do a Painting Orc Skin guide, so I fancied getting involved again and thought maybe I could make the two things combine in a series of moderately interesting** posts.

One of the characters is an Orc warboss named Grotfang who rides into battle astride a huge Warboar.
When the campaign pack first came out a model was issued to represent this mighty warrior and, as luck would have it, I have this model in my lead pile.

OOP MiB Orc Warboss

Unfortunately the warboars of the time were somewhat small and puny compared with the modern ones, so an alternate mount will be in order, lest he looks like a man on a tricycle riding in the Tour de France when placed with his confreres.

Big Orc, small boar. Overcompensating with huge choppa.
Fortunately, right next to my lead pile is my plastic pile. Which yielded up the much more recent plastic warboss kit, which includes a mounted option on a much more massive pig.

So the plan is to "cut and shut" or kitbash, as I believe the youngsters have it, these two disparate kits together to create a resplendent warboss for Idol of Gork and Orctober.

Meanwhile, whilst furtling around in the lead pile I also came across this blister
More MiB OOP Citadel greenskins
This appears to contain Oddgit, the night goblin shaman who also features in the Idol of Gork campaign pack. 

So I'll be adding him to the painting queue too

**interestingness can go up as well as down


  1. Ah, the good old days, takes me back to my early warhammer times (sniff, wipe, etc).

  2. Love seeing the older style figures, especially as I am busy with my Skaven, Empire and Chaos armies for 4th Edition!