Monday, 27 October 2014

Orcs and Chaos, King of the Hill, another SBH game

Despite two consecutive defeats (he clearly takes after his old man) the youngest child was still eager for another game. As we were now playing a campaign he was unable to replace his deceased leader and instead recruited two more Chaos Warriors to the cause.
I prepared to roll for a scenario, but he announced that he'd thought of one - King of the Hill, where we'd place a hill in the centre of the board and whoever took control would be the winner. We agreed that  two turns with no enemies on the top of the hill meant you could claim the title.

Our first turns saw a stumbling advance on both sides and I was first to get models onto the hill. With the dragon leading the way I rather rashly charged the Troll forward to meet it (forgetting that it's Q5 would make it very difficult to order so far from my leader).

The dragon duly unleashed fiery breath and knocked the Troll to the ground. A second blast saw the Troll's toughness called into play to save him, and his quality dropped to 6(!).

Having dealt with my main threat the dragon then flapped his way in a leisurely fashion to the top of the hill to deny me victory.

I began hurling Orc bodies at the big creature to little avail, Meanwhile the Orc archers took potshots at the slowly advancing Chaos warriors. With similar results.

Eventually the dragon flapped to a sensible distance and began belching fire once more, singeing some of the boys.

Finally the Chaos Warriors arrived at the hill and began chopping a swathe through the Orc defenders, dispatching both archers with ease.

With the tide turning against him Gitsnag decided discretion was the better part of wotnots and legged it, followed by the remains of the warband. Victory to the small boy's Chaos Warriors!

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