Monday, 20 October 2014

Peninsular Real Estate

Inspired by the recent Song of Drums and Shakos game I thought I'd do some work on some scenery for future games.
I bought these Warbases buildings a couple of years ago with the intention of using them for some Italian based games of Bolt Action (and with half a mind on multiple use for Napoleoinic and even El Cid games). They were dirt cheap and they're functional. There are two buildings here, each made from two Warbases kits.

To my mind you have to do a fair bit of work to MDF buildings to stop them looking like, well simple boxes of MDF with pretty drawings on. So rather than go for the complex and expensive pre-printed offerings from the likes of 4 Ground  I'd rather go with simple clean box shapes that I can add texture and detail to. So these have been assembled (they go together very easily) then the doors and windows stuck on before being "rendered" with a mix of PVA, filler and fine sand.

A coat of spray undercoat, then the walls were painted with a Wilkinsons taster pot colour before a wash of Griffon Sepia and then some drybrushing.
Roofs next.


  1. Very nice! I'm not really convinced by most MDF buildings for the reasons you state (especially by the preprinted ones), but your work makes them look really good.

  2. Very nice! I like the walls especially....

  3. That looks really cool. I've found the PVA "render" works a treat and really lasts.

    1. Yes, you definitely need PVA in the mix, just plaster slides or chips from the walls all too easily.
      I'm tempted next time to add the paint t the mix so it's pre-coloured...

    2. Now theres a thought. I'd be interested to see how that goes, should you do it. I wont be doing any buildings anytime soon here to try that out. Its all trees trees trees for me!