Saturday, 11 September 2021

Warhammer - Orcs v Empire

Another Thursday, another game of Warhammer, Greatest of All the Games.

2,00 points each, Steve took Empire and I took Orcs. I'm aiming to get an All Orcs force together but had to top things up with a giant and a troll.

Not much explanation as I hadn't given it much thought, so just lined up and ran at the Empire - which didn't go all that well...

The lads set off - trying to keep away from the Banestone!

Boarboys and chariots, ready to carve the heart out of the Empire line.

The Empire line in question. Steve has recently added a Lore of Metal wizard that he's rather fond of using.

Wheeee! go the Chariots.

The Empire advances

Arrer boys. Rubbish at shooting, not all that good at fighting.

At about this point these two units stopped for a fight.

The Empire cavalry stood ready

This would have been great if it had been the boars charging the halberds, rather than the other way around.

The giant charged the knights

And slowly whittled away at them, while in turn they took wounds off him

The great weapon knights took on the troll

The halberds (with boarboy captured standard) went for a walk around the Banestone!

The theogonist decided to demonstrate what the chariots should have done

Bravely the Arrer Boys took some BabyGriffs to the face

Then the Empire forces fell on the remains of the battered and confused Orcs.

In the end Gruzzkupp and his loyal standard bearer were last seen fleeing the field pursued by halberdiers and with all the other Orcs dead.

Good fun game, though some poor deployment and an unfortunate squabble made Steve's job even easier than usual.
Want to paint more greenskins now - but I need to focus on Empire ahead of our planned four way Empire Civil War game.

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  1. Good sounding game, any time my Empire was up against Orcs, it usually didn't go that well :-)