Friday, 23 October 2015

Deep Underground - Age of Sigmar Dwarfs v Goblins

The smallest boy has been reading this blog and is insistent that he should be referred to as my Gaming Heir (as opposed to his elder brother Son and Heir).

That's by way of a preamble to a game between myself and the Gaming Heir.
He's been very keen to play some Age of Sigmar recently, so we packed up quick after tea last night and set a game up. He wanted to be Night Goblins, so I dug out some Dwarfs to face off against them using the grey Frostgrave mat and various bits of underground flora and scenery.

He had:
Stabit and Gnasher (boss on giant squig)
24 Spearmen, including another Warboss
20 archers
5 spider riders
10 squigs with 6 herders
MushroomMuncha da Shaman

I took:
Throndin Groznog, Dwarf Lord
12 Warriors
10 Thunderes
5 Miners

We set up and Gaming Heir took the first turn.
(Apologies for the odd colour in most of the pictures. Playing beneath "energy saver bulbs" is to blame for the yellowish cast)

His general ordered extra boinginess for everyone and they all (bar the archers) ran forward. The shaman cast a shield on the archers and they subsequently shot and killed a couple of thunderers, who laughed off the battleshock.

I advanced with everything except the cannon and decided to wait for the miners to arive. The Thunderers fired back at the archers, killing three, with battleshock adding another one to the pile. The cannon killed a couple of spearmen.

The warriors prepared to charge the spear goblins, but the sneaky greenskins unleashed a fanatic, bringing their charge to a halt. Fortunately that was the only combat and the dwarfs killed the ball-spinning loony before he could do any damage.

In the goblin second turn more boinging ensued and they began to surround the warriors. The shaman tried to unleash a bad moon, but instead munched a bad mushroom and stood around dribbling. The archers once more struck down a Thunderer.

In the charge phase another fanatic was unleashed, this time killing several warriors, who in turn failed to hurt the spinning dervish.

The Dwarfs Lord advanced past the pinned warriors, whilst the miners put in an appearance to the rear. Gunpowder roared and the cannon claimed a bunch o' squigs, whilst the thunderers whittled a few more archers.

Thropndin Groznog meanwhile seized his chance and charged into Stabit and Gnasher - and then felled them both with two mighty swings of his axe!
At this point some concerns were raised that "Dwarf Lords are OP!"

Backing away from the murderous Dwarf Lord the spiders headed off to deal with the miners.
The shaman managed to cast Curse of Da Bad Moon and killed three thunderers.

The spear goblins charged the dwarf warriors and the spiders charged and ran down the miners. Ten poisonous attacks can be quite fatal.

However the goblins fared less well against the warriors, but hung around. Meanwhile the squigs ate my cannon.

In my turn the Lord joined his lads and set about whittling the spear goblins still further. However the goblin warboss proved quite handy himself and killed a fair few warriors

The spiders raced back to join the fray and the squigs did likewise. Suddenly Throndin and his men were the filling in a goblin sandwich...

Shooting  and magic saw the Thunderers reduced to just three stout fellows.

And although the general acquitted himself reasonably well, ten poisoned attacks were pretty nasty and he was running out of warriors to help him.

One more turn saw the warriors all munched, the thunderers Cursed and shot out of existence and even Throndin himself succumb to ten poisonous attacks.

MushroomMuncha da Shaman roared out his triumph!

This was good fun. AoS works well at this scale and there's not too many rules for the Heir to the Gaming Throne to remember.

I look forward to a rematch.


  1. Cool report. I hope you won't be abdicating your gaming throne anytime soon!