Monday, 12 October 2015

The Valley of Tromney - Age of Sigmar Campaign

Warlord Gitstik idly picked a flea from behind his ear and popped it in his mouth. 
"Two-two treasures is enough" he mused to himself. "The powers in Skavenblight will be satisfied with two-two" he nodded. 
And if they were not he had plenty of other rivals lined up to blame.
"We leave-leave tonight" he informed the Stormvermin commander.
"As you wish-wish" hissed the paw-leader. 

After the previous adventures in and around the (now ruined) town of Tromney we convened as a threesome again to play out the next stage of the campaign.
Seizing the day, with two treasures in his furry paw the Skaven Warlord has decided to make off toward Skavenblight with his loot.
General von Tanzsalle is in hot pursuit, and the (frankly rather desperate by now) Nubbinz is planning an ambush...

 The skaven horde on the starting line

 The thin black line

 Squig butts

 The skaven make a break for it as the Tromney Deference force hoves into view

 Kint Uckee's Bloo Moonz take aim

 The skaven are unharmed

 Nubbinz and Muncha bear down on the ratmen

 The cavalry arrive

 Von Tanzsalle's men splash through the mighty River Trom

 Boing! Boing! Boing!


 Munch, slash, hack burp!

 Rats and goblins clash

 More squig butts

 Von Tanzsalle personally supervises the slaughter of the warpthrower crew

 The rats gain the upper paw

 Da Bloo Moonz get stuck in

 The shaman is surrounded

 All goblins dead the skaven break for the border

 Emerging from the woods with outriders in pursuit

With a most unskaven-like display of bravery the warlord cuts the horsemen down

This was another fun game. The skaven managed to out pace the pursuing Empire with ease and the goblins were left to fight them alone and were rather run over by a furry steamroller.

I think I may need to petition for slightly larger goblin units, or the addition of some fanatics as alone they're no match for the skaven.

The rules work fine for us at this sort of scale and we might add another unit or so each, but I'm not sure i'd want to play much bigger games than that.

And so the ratmen have escaped for now, Nubbinz is once more face down in the dirt and von Tanzsalle must do something if the treasures of Tromney are not to be lost forever...

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