Sunday, 4 October 2015

Poseidon versus Hermes - Of Gods and Mortals game

The small boy and I convened for a game of Of Gods and Mortals. I've not quite finished the painting yet, but close enough to make this a bit more visually appealing than the previous game.

He had:
Poseidon, boosted to C5 but without the Release the Kraken rule as we don't (yet) have a Kraken model (any suitable suggestions?).
The Nemean Lion
4 Centaurs
8 Hopilites
4 Archers

I took:
8 Naked Spartans
4 Archers

Apart from dropping Poseidon in the river, he clumped most of his forces on a hill on one edge of the board.
I spread my forces more thinly.

Small boy explained that the hill was where Poseidon had placed a spring and the troops were there to defend it from me and had summoned the sea god to their aid.

I went first and began a steady advance. Some failures saw him use reactions to move Poseidon toward the Hydra and the centaurs down from the hill.
Finally Hermes sped across the board, walloped an archer off to Olympus and then sped away again.

In the sea-god turn the centaurs continued to advance and Poseidon charged the Hydra - and lost. The lion advanced into the Minotaur but didn't have enough actions to actually fight whilst the archers shot ineffectually at the Spartans.

In my turn the archers drew a bead on the centaurs, but had a failure and were promptly charged and pushed back with heavy casualties. using their remaining action to fight again was a bad plan and the sole survivor recoiled off the board.

Looking to extract vengeance the Minotaur hacked at the Lion, but the result was a tie and, lacking armour, the man/bull combo was slain.

This was not going well.

Poseidon then launched himself at the hydra and won. Foolishly the many headed beast was backed up against some impassable rocks and so he too was killed.

I was reduced to a single unit of Spartans in the buff and Hermes - things were looking bad for the messenger god!

Seizing on a failure Poseidon raced across the board and pinned the Spartans in place. He was soon joined by the Lion and the pair began consuming Spartans at an unhealthy pace. Meanwhile Hermes found himself surrounded by centaurs and hopilites

Inevitably the power of the god and the invulnerable lion proved too much even for my "300" and the death of the last Spartan handed the game to the aquatic deity.

This was a good fun game. Most of it seems fairly clear, though I'm not exactly certain how the free hack/disengage/recoil is supposed to work.
Hermes seems potentially quite powerful if used hit and run, but I'm not sure I've got the skills to properly work it all out.
There's clearly quite a lot of tactical nuances and things that are eluding me, but that's true of most games I play and I'm enjoying painting the models and, most importantly, the small boy is having plenty of fun.


  1. It's great that you and the Lad are getting some games in. Some how my boy and I seem to talk about games more and play less. I may be passing on "Theoryhammer" I fear. In reference to older posts, I do find it odd that some sellers don't post pictures of their wares. Sorry to hear about problems with Tango, I'm not on TMP enough to be bothered by him. He did drive a lot of traffic my way at one point, but it was for some of my sillier posts. Not anything that was really good content.

    1. Oh small boy is definitely a great Theoryhammerist. We don't play anything like as often as we talk about playing!
      I have no problem with Tango (or anyone else) linking to my content, or driving traffic my way. What resent is when he, or anyone else, takes the content without permission and re-posts it without my consent. I'm sure he thinks he's doing the right thing and doesn't understand why posting images and words that someone else has created is wrong. But I've tried telling him and asked Bill to delete on numerous occasions previously and the message doesn't seem to get through.
      This time Bill told me that Tango "didn't need my permission" to steal pictures and repost them. He's of the opinion that once I've posted them, anyone can do what they like.
      I'm now banned from TMP :)


    Probably not though :)