Saturday, 14 March 2015

Warhammer Kislev

Failing to get my Winged Lancers painted for the campaign meant I went scurrying into the loft for my Griffon Knights. In the case with them were some horse archers and a boyar. So I thought I'd grab some pictures of the lot of them.


Boyar on a bear. He's the old Elector Count of Ostland mounted on a very old Wood Elf Beasmaster Bear. He's just a boyar on a warhorse for game purposes, but bears are cool.

Horse archers are cool. I decided to use just the clothed ones for this unit, rather tan the more Mongol shirtless versions.

Griffon Legion. Or Legion of the Bear in my force. The shields are from Beorg Bearstruck's Dogs of War regiment. One day I need to paint either a bear, or just a giant paw-print on the flag.

There is also a small unit of Kossars somewhere, but they must be in a different figure case.

I painted these many moons ago when Stephen and I attended one of the early Doubles Tournaments at Warhammer World. We each took 500 points - I had Kislev and he had Dogs of War. Both of which, even at that point, were novelty, out of date, sub-optimal lists.
We played plenty of warm-up games and were quite the well oiled machine before the event started. Unfortunately I prepared for the opening day by visiting the fleshpots of Nottingham on a leaving do, sampling a variety of noxious cocktails and going to bed at around 4am.
So I was without doubt still "well-oiled" for most of the following day's gaming.
But we had a splendid time. At that point the Doubles was very much a fun gaming affair. Later events became a powergaming minefield at which people not good enough to win a proper tournament turned up with hideous combinations (Dwarf and Wood Elf gunline anyone?) in order to claim some glory by "winning" the doubles. The joyless hour or so we spent being dismembered by a humourlessly creepy brother and sister partnership is still the stand out worst experience of my entire gaming life.
So we stopped going.

Anyway, I have quite a pile of Kislev models in my loft and one day would like to turn out something resembling a whole army of them. They're ridiculously overpriced points-wise for the current edition of the rules, but I may explore the fan army book and see if that works a bit better.


  1. I'm not very familiar with WHFB, but Kislev forces look like some of the coolest.

  2. They were originally historical Poles sculpted by the Perry twins (well the Winged Lancers and the horse archers were - not the bear riding dude).
    They were co-opted into the Empire when WFB started getting its army lists together and GW stopped making historical models.

  3. I agree, the Kislev forces are some of the coolest WFB models!

  4. They are very characterful. And as long term allies of mine I have to love them

  5. Excellent looking dudes. I do like Kislev and might even get around to painting mine now. Thanks for the nudge.

  6. Really nice you're very lucky to have a loft with stuff like this in it ! Mine is sadly full of Lego. I have often contemplated building Kislev as a mercenary unit/units for empire but figures are just too expensive these days and there are other things to collect.