Sunday, 22 March 2015

Horses for Kislev Courses

Horses in progress for the Kislev Winged Lancers.
These I sprayed with Plastikote Chocolate Brown, then followed the recipe in the Kislev book - overbrush dark Flesh, then highlight with Vermin Brown.
I then gave them a wash of Devlan mud. The original guide suggests using Brown Ink, and that's what I used on my other Kislev horses and I think on reflection that's a better look - the Devlan Mud has just made them look a bit murky. But I'm not going back to them now.

Need to crack on with the riders now.


  1. Look nice to me, but I find devlan mud which I use for nearly all me figures is better put on after the first coat of paint and then shade and dry brush on top of it, otherwise they can be very dark.

    1. Yes, that's usually what I do as well with the washes. Basecoat, wash, highlight with basecoat, then another highlight if I'm feeling fancy.
      But I was following the recipe and didn't really think it through properly...