Monday, 2 March 2015

Things to do in Swindon

So once more I find myself in sizzling, soaraway Swindon.
A combination of my usual lack of preparation and some poor climactic conditions means I've not bought any miniatures with me to paint.
Instead I have a selection of things to clean up and prepare, with the intention that I can crack on with them next week.

First up are the Kislevites, who need their horses assembling and filling. Then the riders themselves need to be glued together.

Next are some pistoliers, also destined for duty in my Empire army. I've assembled four horses, but they need filling and cleaning up as well as another one making and they too need the riders assembling.

I've also got the Pendraken Late Roman spearmen with me – intending to get 24 of each type (armoured and unarmoured) cleaned up and glued to coffee stirrers. They look really nice and I’m itching to get started.

Ive also bought the frames and mini dice I bought from MiniBits and a few coins to attach them to.

Finally, if I get through all that lot, I've got some Gripping Beast plastic Vikings with me, just for giggles.

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  1. Home you remembered to pack your glue. Those Kislev belong in a museum :)