Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Wee Saxon WiPs

I have flitted to my 10mm Saxons.
Here are some of them on painting sticks.

They still need some work on the shields and 'taches but should get them finished this evening - swimming and scouting runs permitting.

A mixture of unarmoured, armoured and command from Pendraken that I'll use to make three bases of Noble Warband for Dux Bellorum
They're actually Anglo Saxons, so intended for the later period, but at this scale I'm not going to be too worried.
I originally bought these many moons ago to play Warmaster ancients but ran out of enthusiasm and didn't have an opponent.
But these three plus the spears and bows I've painted previously mean  only need to do a command stand and I'll have a useable Dux Bellorum Saxon force.

So I've ordered a few Late Romans to collect at Hammerhead this weekend.


  1. Interesting project - scaling down appeals to me 'muchly' at the moment :)

  2. Impressively done in 10mm - they look exactly like who're they're supposed to be.