Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Biel Tan Eldar

Son and heir has decided to join the wargames club at school. Which came as a surprise as I always thought his younger brother was the one with the genetic abnormality that predisposes one to toy soldiers.
Obviously they play 40K. Obviously he wants his own army (he's using my Orks at the moment) and obviously he's chosen Eldar. I say obviously because despite having a loft stuffed with assorted plastic, lead and resin products I have very little 40K, and only a tiny number of Eldar models.
So whilst I'm happy he's wargaming I am now worried about having to remortgage the house to buy his soldiers.

And I'm worried about having to play 40K which, as we all know, is a game for children, deviants and accountants.

However I dug out and handed over the few Eldar models I have and he's had a go at painting a couple (after a little explanation from me) and they look all right for a first attempt.


The weapons need to be finished, but apart from that I think they'll pass for table top standard amongst the rest of the year sevens. I do wish he'd chosen a slightly less challenging colour scheme for a first army though.

Anyway, you'll have to excuse me, I'm off down to the docks to see if I can sell my body* to buy an Eldar weapon platform.

*Five or six times


  1. You have my deepest sympathies. Do you think you can corrupt them into playing Rogue trader?

    1. Now you see I played Rogue Trader when it first came out.
      And given the choice I'd rather play current 40K then wrestle with that glorious mishmash of roleplaying and wargaming.
      I'm no rose-tinted spectacle wearing Oldhammerist.
      It's not the rules that bother me it's the cost of the models - and the thought that I'll end up painting most of them i expect!.

  2. They look really good, are we sure that the real problem here is that he is clearly a better painter than you. I will have a dig around and see what Eldar I have in the NNGH. I'm up for a bit of the old 40k, this could be another half baked project, I feel it in me bones!

    1. I think I'm more Obi-Wan to his Luke Skywalker.

  3. I'm not sure where you are located but around here people are practically giving away their Fantasy and 40K stuff on second hand websites. Bartertown would be another way to reduce costs.