Thursday, 5 February 2015

Warhammer Campaign Empire Army (3)

Yesterday I realised that I am due to play my first game in the campaign tonight.
And that a worryingly large portion of my putative army remained, at best, unpainted or, at worst, still on the sprue!
What followed was a frantic few hours of assembly and undercoating and at least a few colours added to save complete embarrassment a the game tonight.
Here's where I got to:

Wizard, spears,handgunners and a general.

I made a little more progress with the old plastic Bright Wizard:


I then got an email from Stephen pointing out that as we were now in February, my points allocation had gone up to 1200.
I may need to borrow some models...


  1. My good sir that fine Bright Wizard is easily one of the finest wizard models made. Your army is sure to be victorious with his magical prowess at your disposal. Burn them to the ground! Huzzah!

  2. You have great confidence in the power of old models to overcum my tactical ineptitude.
    But you are right, it's a splendid model. It's the one I got stuck to the front of White Dwarf man, many years ago.

  3. Good luck with the empire, have been following your progress, empire are not easy to rush and depending on what you're up against one size won't fit all !