Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dux Bellorum Campaign (5)

Some progress on the campaign
Here are the lists for the Romans.
I decided to use the Levy Strategy to represent the forces protecting the four main towns/cities.

  1. Companions
  2. Levy
  3. Levy
  4. Levy
  5. Levy
  6. Shieldwall
  7. Shieldwall
  8. Shieldwall
  9. Shieldwall
  10. Shieldwall/levy/riders (D3)
  11. Shieldwall/levy/riders (D3)
  12. Shieldwall/levy/skirmishers (D3)
They automatically have twelve bases, but as a chunk of them are levy it's numbers rather than quality, but it should still make them a challenge to crack.

For the field armies this is the list

  1. Companions/Mounted Companions
  2. Shieldwall/Riders
  3. Shieldwall
  4. Shieldwall/Riders/Nobles/Noble riders
  5. Shieldwall/Riders
  6. Shieldwall/Bow
  7. Shieldwall/Riders/Nobles/Noble riders/skirmishers
  8. Shieldwall
  9. Shieldwall/Riders
  10. Shieldwall/Riders/Nobles/Noble riders/skirmishers
As with the Welsh, the nature of your companions dictates some of the choices, so Mounted companions will dice between riders and noble riders on option 4 etc.

In addition I've decided to allow armies that are less than 30 points to get either:
  • An addition LP (odds)
  • A single random strategy/tactic (evens)
I've generated my army:
  • Companions
  • 2 Nobles
  • 4 Warriors
Which is a 27 point army. 
The additional roll came up a five, so I'll have an extra LP too. 

The Campaign Begins

In my first turn my army moved south into East Anglia from their base around Nottingham.
The small Roman force (2) looked at the odds and immediately decided to pay homage to my mighty Saxon Warband. Very wise of them I thought.

Eschewing London for the time being Cnebba led his army to the west and encountered another Roman force (6). Foolishly they decided to fight.

And so now, I need to actually play a game...

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