Wednesday 12 June 2024

Warmaster Revolution: Empire v Dark Elves

Monday night is now Warmaster Night. This time Andy was able to join us, so he took his Dark Elves, I dug out the Empire and Alan looked on, proffered occasional advice and also helpfully looked stuff up.

Another 2,000 point pitched battle. I took the list I had at Wormaster last year

  • 4 Halberdiers
  • 2 Handgunners
  • 4 Crossbowmen
  • 1 Flagellants
  • 4 Knights
  • 2 Pistoliers
  • 1 Helblaster
  • 2 Cannon
  • 1 Steam Tank
  • 1 General
  • 2 Hero, 1 Griffon, 1 Sword of Might
  • 1 Wizard
Break Point: 11

The Empire army stood firm to repel the slaver force

The Slaver Force in question.

Cold Ones, screened by Dark Riders held the Dark Elf right flank.

The Empire lost the scouting roll and so pushed up, looking to claim favourable terrain.

The White Wolves held in reserve.

On the Empire left more White Wolves with the Knights of Sigmar's Blood

Andy had added two commanders to the flank as bitter experience told him one was never enough.

The Dark Elf centre looked pretty formidable.

The Dark Elf left was also covered in Cold Ones and Dark Riders.

On the Dark Elf right the cavalry pushed up.

The Empire horse rode to meet them, but failed to charge home!

The Empire Infantry decided to hide in a swamp.

The knights awaited their fate.

Desperately more cavalry headed over to secure the flank.

Spearmen, casting a long shadow over this part of Middenland.

Empire gunnery had broken up the flank. But there remained a fearsome force.

The Knights inevitably took it in the face!

The unengaged White Wolves were shot off the rear by repeater crossbows.

More knights could only look on.

Incredibly the pistoliers fought back savagely and it turned out the Knights had bought their armour from ACME of Naggaroth Inc.
The flank had held!

In the centre the Elves came on.

And occupied the ancient Chaos Shrine too

Meanwhile the Elven flank was crushed.

Flagellants versus Witch Elves went to the Ladies, but at some cost.

Still in the swamp

The Steam Tank, which has previously proved less than reliable for the Empire, was making a steamy nuisance of itself in the centre.

The Elves infantry in the field prepared to take out the halberdiers.

Finally the right flank felt the wrath of the Cold Ones.

Poop-poop! Clank, wheesh, grind went Tomasz der Dampfpanzer 

The Elf infantry was showing their vaunted cavalry how things should be done.

Though the second pistoliers could not match the heroics of their brethren.

Crossbow Elves ground underfoot, Tomasz pulled back ready to railroad the spear elves.

The Empire infantry had been driven back to the woods.

Well, the ones that weren't enjoying swamp life that is.

Fresh from destroying the flower of Naggaroth cavalry the Empire knights turned toward the centre.

The Steam tank, supported by the swamp vacating infantry wiped out some spear elves.

As the knights caught the hydra looking the wrong way with all seven heads.

With the death of the spear elves the Druchii courage deserted them and they took tail for their Black Arc.

Victory to the Empire!

A well fought game that really hinged on the heroic defence of the flank by the pistoliers. Five casualties tipped the fight and it was me wiping out the flank, rather than having mine rolled up. Very unlucky dice for Andy.
Apart from that the Steam Tank had a rare good day and caused all manner of problems in the middle. Elsewhere the Dark Elf infantry proved superior to their Empire opponents and Andy learned that avoiding cannon is a good plan.

Hoping for another game next week, when it'll be my turn to observe and look up rules!