Sunday 23 June 2024

Warmaster Revolution - Daemons v Lizardmen

Alan once more came over to give his Lizards a run out. I had all sorts of plans to tweak my Daemon list, but time was against me, so I went with the same list I took to Wormaster again.
We tried the scenario where you have objectives and the game ends when you accumulate 10 points or you break your opponent.

Sun bathes the jungles of Lustria

As the Daemons assemble.
Once again I spread my army too thinly.

The Lizards emerged blinking into the sunlight.

The field of war.

My cavalry went racing up the left flank.

Whilst hordes plodded up the right

The Lizards waited, the sunlight slowly bringing their blood temperature up.

A mixed unit of Saurus and skinks raced into the ancient ruins.

The Pink Ladies claimed an objective.

However flying Lizards threatened their flank.

With the aid of Daemonic Flyers the winged lizards were caught and wiped out.

Realising I'd made a fatal error by deploying all my cavalry on a flank where infantry could easily occupy dense terrain to repel them I tried to redeploy, but my Hounds were caught in the flank.

A mighty unit of Cold Ones appeared on my right.

My Daemons were a little in disarray.

Some though had gained the safety of the jungle.

My centre remained strong.

Right up until a magic ring saw them charged by Saurus.

The dogs were taking a pasting, but hanging in there.

My right flank could do little more than wait.

Eventually the hounds killed the flyers, but at some cost.

Meanwhile my own flyers were finding skinks tougher than expected.

Learning from previous meeting Al- Ann the Slann took steps to neutralise the Beasts.

The pink ladies took a face full of Cold One.

Whilst the Tzeentch horde huddled in the jungle.

The remaining Khorne Daemons were also caught in the flank.

The Beats were tough, but numbers were against them.

The Khorne character roared his defiance.

The Cold Ones were mopping up the flank.

Whittling down the hordes.

More Lizards lent their weight to the fight with the Beasts.

They were driven back eventually but were a tough nut.

On the flank the Daemonette cavalry remained where they had been most of the game.

Lizards were claiming the objectives.

Despite the presence of the Sorcerer the game was up for the Daemons!

Another good game, though Alan comprehensively outplayed me.
I made quite a few mistakes, first deploying only cavalry on a wing where the Lizards could easily occupy terrain to deny me territory. Then I left my flanks open on numerous occasions which Alan ruthlessly exploited.
But that's the point of playing regularly you have to up your game!

No more Warmaster for the next couple of weeks but already looking forward to the next one.

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