Friday 21 June 2024

Lord of the Rings Three Player Game

Not So Young N (coming to the end of his GCSEs) and his dad came over for another game. Three players, 400 points and a stand up fight. I took Easterlings and a troll, NSYN had Gondorians and NSYSN's Dad had Morannon Orcs, who also had a troll with them.

I sent the troll off to open up the Gondorian cans

Backed up by plenty of Easterlings

A fight I was soon losing.

However the big lad was doing the business, even if the Gondorians were carefully feeding him one man at a time

Meanwhile Moranon Orcs were wailing on the rest of my army.

On the far side of the table Gondorians and Moranon Orcs were bashing lumps out of each other.

I sent some archers into a swamp, for reasons that remain unclear.

I had started with some cavalry but weight of Orcish numbers dragged them all down.

The archers had to leave the swamp to help secure the flank.

The Moranon Orcs fought Easterlings to a standstill.

Big Lad carried on thumping Gondorians.

As the Gondorians and Moranon Orcs duked it out.

In the end we all reached break point at a similar time and numbers rapidly thinned out.
A poor run of rolls for Gondor and the slightly higher leadership of the Easterlings saw me clinch a narrow win!

This was good fun, but I was reminded that MESBG is a much better game when you have some sort of scenario. Straight fights do tend to end up as a mostly grind/dice rolling exercise.

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