Tuesday 3 October 2023


A little over a year ago I began Project Pict
Although I only did a couple of updates I've not been completely idle and have made some more progress.

However having previously done Orctober and Ogretober I decided now was a good time to give the Highland Tribesmen another place on the blog in the form of Pictober.

So here's the results of work on a second box of Gripping Beast plastic Picts over the last few months

Here's just the spear armed fellows

And some skirmishing crossbowmen.

I know that the crossbows (like the long spears) can be a bit controversial when looking at the Picts, but there is evidence for them in carvings on the Pictish stones, though I suspect they were a bit lighter and less bulky than the fearsome "medieval" style ones these have been given.

Lots of washes and a few Contrast paints on these.

So what are the plans for the rest of the month?
Well chum Scrivs gifted me a large bag of Black Tree Designs metal Picts. He'd already taken them to America and bought them back again once so figured they didn't need to go on another container, so I could have them. 
So I've based a few of them up ready for painting:

The ones on GW bases are only on there temporarily, they'll get added to multibases when finished

These have had a coat of Halfords Matt Brown Camo Paint

And these have had the Halfords Matt Camo Green treatment.

The bare metal ones will eventually get Halfords Khaki from the same range.
Then it's a case of block paint flesh, hair and other bits, give the whole thing a Vallejo Sepia wash, add basic highlights, job done.

There's about 30 of these metal ones I think - jolly nice models they are, such a pity BTD are thieves so I can't buy anything else from them (and I suggest you don't either, they'll just steal your money and not send you any soldiers).

Other plans for the month include doing lots of shields, finishing off the last few plastics and doing some basing (if I get that far).

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