Tuesday 20 June 2023

Pig rustling in Middle-earth

 My chum and his son came over for another three player game of Lord of the Rings.

I invented a scenario that involved the three forces trying to snaffle some pigs to feed their hungry fellows.

Young N.'s Minas Tirth forces were soon chasing down the pigs, but they proved slippery and their shiny armour ended up covered in pig poo while the porkers stayed on the loose.

My Khand and Easterlings arrived, hungry for sausages.

Soon there were pigs everywhere!

The Khandish archers started taking pot-shots at the men of Minas Tirith.

Finally the Minas Tirith forces managed to purloin a porker, so I sent a Kataphrakt in pursuit.

The Rohan forces joined in the fighting in the middle of the board.

Whilst the Khand and Easterlings set about liberating a hog from the clutches of the men of Minas Tirith.

Soon enough I had three pigs in my clutches and started making for the board edge.

While Khand troops covered my retreat.

An escaped pig rampaged through the forces of the Eastelings, knocking them to the ground before the Captain wrassled the hog in to submission.

Three pigs in the clutches of the men from the east.

One Khand warrior making his way back to camp, the thought of pork chops filling his mind.

While two Easterlings have the same hopes.

Other Easterlings threw themselves on the men of Rohan to prevent them pursuing the escaping piggies.

And fought the Minas Tirth forces on the other side of the board.

The brave Khandish pignapper took cover behind a bramble bush.

Whilst his fellows formed a line to screen him from Faramir's arrows.

Minas Tirith men, sensing their breakfast escaping took vengeance on the men of Khand.

Gamling was thwarted from reaching the pork thieves.

And with that I escorted the last pig from the board and claimed the win.

This was good fun. The simple scenario I cooked up worked well and the pigs acquitted themselves well.

Lord of the Rings does give a cracking little game, though having a scenario adds to the fun.

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