Thursday 8 June 2023

Lord of the Rings Campaign - Escape from Darrowdelf

Back to the campaign!

The Fellowhsip (minus the late Peregrine Took) are fleeing from the hordes of goblins along narrow passages. All the time the drums in the deep are pounding...

The simple terrain - the party must flee from left to right...

Here they come, hobbits probably blubbing a bit about Pippin.

Goblins ready to block the way.

Another gobbo pops up and starts shooting.

The party press on.

Legolas takes aim and the goblin sniper is no more.

Soon Aragorn and Gimli are wading in to the goblins

Gangalf is using his blinding light to keep the shooting hard.

Nevertheless a gallery of goblin archers has formed.

They have a cave troll with them!

Legolas catches an arrow in the eye and goes down!

Chasms appear to slow down the fellowship.

And more goblins start to sneak up from behind

Gimli leaps the chasm and attacks the troll, but in his bloodlust mistakenly uses his two handed axe. He loses and is pushed back into the chasm and is lost from sight! Two down...

Gandalf flings magic at the troll as the pursuing goblins close in.

The troll is knocked down and Boromir administers the coup de grace. However Merry has been dragged down too.

Sam leaps the chasm along with Frodo, however the goblin cheiftain catches Gandalf and (with a little help from might) pushes the wizard over the edge to claim victory!

This was a really tense game - at first it seemed like it would be a walk over for the Fellowship, but the arrival of chasms and then the cave troll made it much tougher and closer.

Gimli's haste to use his big axe on the knocked down troll was his downfall - the -1 for the two handed weapon meant he lost the fight and with nowhere to go was doomed. Even then Boromir and Aragorn looked to have it in the bag but the goblin chieftain beating Gandalf tipped the battle in favour of evil!

In the after game round up things got even worse -  although Gimli made a full recovery, Legolas and Merry will be wounded but worst of all Gandalf has fallen permanently in to darkness (at least one game too early) which will make bringing down the Bridge at Khazad dum decidedly tricky!

Great game that could have gone either way.

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