Friday 30 June 2023

Midgard: Picts Ambush the Late Romans

James and I convened for another game of Midgard. The manuscript is currently at Lard Towers being given a good first seeing to by Big Rich, so James is currently looking at some scenarios and campaign rules. This game then was a playtest of an ambush scenario. I've been making movement trays to adapt my WAB Late Roman army for Midgard games so we decided that's what I'd take and James bought along his hairy Pict raiders to try and cut off my peaceful column.

Somewhere in Pictland a Late Roman force is escorting an empty wagon.

Suddenly cries ring out from the hills


Ignoring the local pig farm, the descend on the poor, meek Romans.

The Romans struggle to form up to face the attackers.

Who are closing in fast.

Bravely the Roman cavalry take the fight to the ambushers.

The Romans form up around the wagon.

The Picts are almost on them.

At the rear the Roman horse chases off some of the raiders.

But then pay the price for their impetuous charge

The light Pict cavalry is unwilling to brave the Roman shieldwalls.

The Pict cavalry at the rear of the column is attacked in turn.

Fighting breaks out along the length of the road.

The Pict leaders pull back and marshal their forces.

The Pict spears are no match for Roman discipline.

The Roman commander taunts his barbarian opponent from behind his wall of shields and spears.

The Picts take the bait and charge home!

The Roman line takes damage but holds firm.

The Pict hero and his horse are cut down and the Roman column drives off the attackers!

Great fun game that see-sawed a fair bit. Plenty of heroics going on - the Pict charges at the end replenished their Reputation and put the Romans on the back foot, but stout defence meant that I held on for a narrow victory.

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  1. Lots of interesting stuff here for a period I love. Both armies look terrific. I am looking forward to learning more about the rules. The Roman road looks great. The markers are evocative.