Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Partizan Pics Phil Olley Special

I've long been an admirer of the games Phil Olley puts on. I remember seeing some of his Eastern European set ups at some of the earliest Partizan shows I went to. There's something very clean and almost stylised about the games he puts on that appeals to me. There's an element of "toy soldier" somehow about them despite them being beautifully staged and painted. And they're always very colourful.

So it was great to see he had a game at Partizan this year and I took quite a few pictures.

I'm very pleased with myself for this shot.

I'm sure the castle is historically accurate but the detail of the door adds to the old school, "toy soldier" feel for me.

There's always plenty of detail and vignettes as well as the colourful units, like these two ladies...

...and the extensive camp.

This set of pictures are from later in the day...

The town has taken some considerable punishment by this stage.

 Fab looking game full of beautifully painted models.

Phil was deep in conversation both times I dropped by so I didn't get a chance to introduce myself. Maybe next time. 

ou can find more of his work on his blog Phil's War Cabinet


  1. Hi Tom. Thank you so much for this post. It really is very much appreciated. What great photos you got too. Next time, do make sure you introduce yourself. It will be a pleasure to have a chat. All the very best. Phil

    1. Ah, finally got comments working!
      You're very welcome Phil - it was a lovely looking game, hope the pictures do it justice.
      Will definitely introduce myself next time.

  2. Thank you Tom for a fantastic selection of photos.
    Sadly I could not get up North to visit the show, so it was wonderful to see the game in full swing.