Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Warhammer Daemons v Chaos Warriors

Steve came over for what is likely to be his last game in the Soldier Shack for the foreseeable future,
He's decided that living on an island with his family is better than having me to play soldiers with regularly. An odd choice if you ask me. 

So he bought the Chaos Warriors and I dusted off the Kipper.

Pink and purple and a bit of blue

Ugh, gribbly

Steve had some Forsaken with him

The Seekers decided to see what Forsaken were made of

Turns out they were mostly made of Always Strikes First. Ouch!

The Fiends went in as a kind of multi-legged (some of them backwards) roadblock.

While the Knights got Acquiesced and stumbled about.

The Kipper moved into the centre. And unleashed a big old C Bomb. That's C for Cacaphonic Choir, kids.

Which went much better than expected or intended. Killing loads of warriors and knights. Oof!

Then (s)he went and mopped up some Warriors.

The Nurgle General started wailing on the ladies.

Oh good, the Blight Kings are back. And on a hill for good measure.

Remaining warriors come to help their leader.

With inevitable consequences.

But the Kipper came back. Casting CC twice more (I felt bad, but Steve said it was the right thing to do)

The miscast for CC did no wounds to the Kipper, but did do a final one to the Nurgle General who was caught on the blast. I felt quite bad by this point.

Finally all that remained of the Nurgle army was a lone Blight King, and I claimed the victory.

Me winning is at least an uncharacteristic end to our lengthy gaming period.
I did feel bad. I miscast Cacaphonic Choir (the big version) three times and suffered just a single wound as a consequence. Steve lost about half his army. I generally think the big 6 spells are a useful balance in the game, but this just felt a bit broken.
I suppose on another occasion the miscasts may have been worse, or I could have failed to get the spell off at all.

Mostly a good fun game though.

Not quite sure how I'm going to get my WFB fix though now - planning to go see Steve in November for a birthday big bash with booze, but until then WFB may be a bit thin on the ground in these parts.

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  1. Great to see , unfortunate that the ‘big’ spells can feel unbalanced, you need to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy a battle under those circumstancesđź‘Ť